Learning and Networking Opportunities

The NHS Scotland Event provides delegates with excellent learning and networking opportunities and you are encouraged to share the knowledge and learning that you gain at the event with your work colleagues and teams back in your organisation.

Given the impact of a large number of delegates attending this Event, it is vital that everyone takes back some learning to the workplace. There is an expectation that your attendance at the Event will result in you sharing with others how improved approaches you have heard about could be adopted locally. Please consider how you will share the information you have gathered and who to share it with to have the greatest impact.

Some months after the Event, we will be in touch with some of you to follow up on what you learned at the Event and what effect it has had on your work and on your workplace.

Over the past few years, the NHS Scotland Event, in association with NHS Education for Scotland (NES), has put into place a number of ways to help you share with colleagues the information you have collected and the knowledge you have gained. The NHS Scotland Event is pleased to welcome NES again as its Knowledge Management and Continuous Learning Partner.

All parallel and spotlight session presentations, video footage of the plenary and mini plenary sessions, posters and a range of other information from the Event will be available to download after the Event under the Resources section of the website.