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6th June 2018

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Four plenary sessions are scheduled to take place over the two days of the NHS Scotland Event, with a range of inspiring speakers including some of the remarkable NHS staff who have made a contribution to Scotland's health service during the past 70 years. 

Shona Robison MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport will also take to the stage to celebrate some of the key achievements of the NHS since its inception and will highlight some lived examples of how services have improved for the people of Scotland. 

The NHS Scotland Event is also delighted to welcome Rose Fitzpatrick, Deputy Chief Constable, Police Scotland who will, alongside Paul Gray Director-General Health and Social Care and Chief Executive NHS Scotland, be leading the final session which will include speakers from the Violence Reduction Unit and will focus on the impact that Adverse Childhood Experiences can have and how these can be addressed. 

Please note that this year, the Poster Awards Ceremony will be taking place on Day One during Plenary Session 2. All poster winners will be invited to the stage to receive their trophies.