2015 Posters on Display

You will find over 230 posters on display in the exhibition hall at this year’s NHSScotland Event.

The posters have been selected through a shortlisting process to represent the very best examples of quality improvement in each of the poster categories – safe, effective, person-centred, infrastructure, health of the population and securing value and financial sustainability.

You can now view the NHSScotland Event 2015 posters by selecting from the categories below.

Improving Quality: Safe
Board number Title Main author Organisation
S 01  A Completed Audit Cycle into use of Standardised Early Warning Scores (SEWS) in Acute Old Age Psychiatry Wards  Stirland, Lucy  NHS Lothian 
S 02  A Quality Improvement project aimed at improving the communication and effectiveness of clinical handover within Monklands Hospital  Falconer, Lorraine  NHS Lanarkshire 
S 03 Assuring the Quality of Volunteers  Richardson, Rosemary  NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde/Macmillan Cancer Support 
S 04  Building Foundations for the Future – Using Communication Tools to Support Team Working in the Maternity Unit   Mackinnon, Anne  NHS Fife 
S 05  Don't Keep the Red Flag Flying High  Elliott, Steve  NHS Lothian 
S 06  Eliminating Avoidable Pressure Ulcers  Smith, Kim  NHS Borders 
S 07  Embedding human factors across an inter-professional simulation programme – Can it increase error awareness and improve safety?  Donaghy, Sharon  Medical Education NHS Lanarkshire 
S 08 Human Factors Approach to Aseptic Technique in Renal Dialysis  Clark, Michelle  NHS Education for Scotland 
S 09  Impact of a multifaceted teaching package on ICU nurses’ ability to undertake delirium screening   Elliott, Sara  NHS Lanarkshire 
S 10  Improving Care in Patients Diagnosed with Delirium through the Implementation of the 4AT and TIME Bundles  Sharif, Farhana  NHS GG&C 
S 11  Improving Care of Central Venous Access Devices  Irving, Bill  NHS Dumfries & Galloway 
S 12  Improving Team Communication in Theatres Hilton-Christie, Sharon  NHS Tayside 
S 13  Improving Compliance with Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs) and Transmission Based Precautions (TBPs) through Innovative Technology.  McQueen, Ann  NHS Lothian 
S 14  Improving flow by improving teamwork – a Scotland-wide approach  Dunn, Simon  NHS lothian 
S 15  Improving Sepsis care in Maternity Lynch, Pauline  NHS Tayside 
S 16  Improving outcomes for deteriorating patients in acute care  Hunter, Alison  Healthcare Improvement Scotland 
S 17  Improving safety and reducing harm using an integrated approach to teamwork, communication and collaboration  Harley, Dan  Healthcare Improvement Scotland 
S 18  Improving Sepsis Care in Maternity, Neonatal Paediatric and Acute Care  Butterfield, David  Healthcare Improvement Scotland 
S 19  Improving quality and safety in the care of older adults - Lessons from the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Healthcare Complaints Stirling, Alex  ISD, NHS NSS 
S 20  Multidisciplinary team work at its best – enhancing prescribing in elective inpatient alcohol detoxification  Liddell, Karen  NHS GG&C / NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
S 21  Naughty Cauti: Preventing Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection  Watkins, Margaret  NHS Lothian 
S 22  Nurse led initiative monitoring post operative surgical cardiac wounds  Alexander, Delia  NHS National Waiting Times Centre 
S 23  Preventing In-Patient Falls  Alexander, Ingrid  NHS Fife 
S 24  Quality Improvement Manoeuvres to Address Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections in Paediatric Patients Receiving Extracorporeal Support  Harry, Christina  NHS GG&C / NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
S 25  Reducing Catheter Associated Infections; A Multi-Disciplinary Approach  Grounds, Marie-Claire  NHS Lothian 
S 26  Reducing Mortality from sepsis in the Emergency Department – a Quality Improvement project aimed at reducing time to first antibiotic dose  Carberry, Martin  NHS Lanarkshire 
S 27  Reducing staff radiation doses in Gastroenterology  Stewart, Christina  NHS Lothian 
S 28 Reducing emergency detentions in NHS Ayrshire & Arran  Rowe, Angela  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
S 29  Reduction in Blood Culture Contamination  Craik, Karen  NHS Dumfries & Galloway 
S 30  SBAR ...High quality or not?  Scobie, Ann  NHS Dumfries & Galloway 
S 31  Supporting Nursing Health Care Support Worker Role Consolidation and Development  Anthony, Annie  NHS GG&C / NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
S 32  Surgical site infection (SSI) rates in colorectal surgery: room for improvement  Docherty, James  NHS Highland 
S 33  Sustained Improvement of Allergy Documentation in Acute General Psychiatry Wards  Smith, Fiona  NHS Lothian 
S 34  Transforming Care, Transforming Lives”   Gillies, Maryanne  NHS Highland 
S 35  Translating Knowledge into Action in Diagnosis and Management of Sepsis  Thain, Annette  NHS Education for Scotland 
S 36  Using Improvement Methodology to Improve Sedation and Delirium Practices in ICU  Frearson, Stephanie  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
S 37  Validity of the PRE-DELIRIC delirium prediction model in a Lanarkshire intensive care cohort  Elliott, Sara  NHS Lanarkshire 
S 38  Ward audit as a tool for improving safety and quality  Li, Ruiping  NHS Lothian 
S 39  What factors influence the decision of staff nurses and foundation year 1 doctors to activate the Emergency Response Team?   Moran, Kelvin  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
Improving Quality: Effective
Board number Title Main author Organisation
EF 01  1 Minute Education – Fast, Effective, Efficient and Fun Format for Learning  Irving, Bill  NHS Dumfries & Galloway 
EF 02 A Bundle Approach to Management of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) Magee, Shirley  NHS Fife 
EF 03  A collaborative approach to facilitate consistent, safe telephone triage by band 5 Nurse Practitioners ensuring effective, patient centred care for patients contacting NHS 24.  Cooper, Lisa  NHS24 
EF 04  Lean the Heilan way - A holistic approach to drive quality improvements within Cellular Pathology Nairne, Laura  NHS Highland 
EF 05  A therapist led clinic for patients with a potential diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome  Mackay, Caroline  NHS Tayside 
EF 06  Achieving safe, early hospital discharge with a low risk chest pain pathway  Moonie, Alasdair  Ninewells Hospital 
EF 07  An evaluation of the implementation of evidence based psychological approach in the third sector   Joice, Anne  NHS Education for Scotland 
EF 08  Are Haemofiltration Patients Adequately Anticoagulated?  Faichney, Sarah Jane  NHS National Waiting Times Centre 
EF 10  Beating the Blues in Grampian  Murray, Kevin  NHS Grampian 
EF 11  Better Communication= Better Detection, Escalation & Referral  Headley, Elaine  NHS Lanarkshire 
EF 12  Better together? Improving outcomes through a collaborative approach to older people in acute care  Wood, Nicola  NHS Forth Valley 
EF 13  Cancer Treatment Helpline – a national 24/7 triage service for NHSScotland  Taylor, Scott  Scottish Government 
EF 14  Care planning - Back to basics  McKenzie, Lorraine  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
EF 15  Catching Fallers “upstream”: Proactive Identification and Assessment of People at Risk of Falls  Ritchie, Elena  NHS Grampian 
EF 16  Collaborating for Quality: NHS Education for Scotland & The School of Forensic Mental Health. Where are we now?  Maclean, Claire  NHS Education for Scotland 
EF 17  Decreasing length of time for Blood Pressure Assessment in Pre-operative Care  Bruce, Louise  NHS TAYSIDE 
EF 18  Think Delirium Reid, Joy  NHS Fife 
EF 19  Keep Well - Delivering health checks within a learning disability service  Young, Jacqueline  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
EF 20  Designing and Testing a Structured Response Tool for the management of deteriorating patients in the acute adult setting within NHS Lothian  Gossner, Sarah  NHS Lothian 
EF 21  Developing a consensus statement on electrical stimulation (ES) following stroke  Chung, Charlie  NHS Fife 
EF 22  Does a dedicated ward for patients with distressed behaviour due to delirium or dementia afford better care?   Burleigh, Liz  NHS GG&C
EF 23  Does a direct referral policy improve time from US scan to orchidectomy within NHS Lanarkshire?  Bekarma, Holly  NHS Lanarkshire 
EF 24  Don’t stop moving: Establishing an exercise and education group on an acute geriatric medicine ward  Grant, Brooke  NHS Grampian 
EF 25  Get it checked. Erectile dysfunction and heart health : A pilot study in Fife.  Hughes, Stephen  Keep Well 
EF 26  Establishing national diagnostic reference levels for digital mammography   Weir, Avril  NHS Lothian 
EF 27  GGC Medicines: Why it's smart to be Appy  Foot, Roy  NHS GG&C
EF 28  Half Empty or Half Full? - Encouraging Efficient Care by Managing Capacity  Dobb, Ben  NHS Grampian 
EF 29  Identifying system level delays in patient flow through Day of Care Survey  Mann, Lynne  Scottish Government 
EF 30  Implementation of an Antibiotic Stewardship Framework in Dundee Dental Hospital to Promote, Adhere to, and Monitor Appropriate Prescribing Patterns   Ritchie, Colin  NHS Tayside 
EF 31  Implementation of an integrated electronic patient record for dietitians within a community setting: A pilot project  Lauder, Karen  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
EF 32  Implementing Criteria Led Discharge Across NHS Scotland  Mann, Lynne  Scottish Government 
EF 33  Improved Health Outcomes Using Insulin Pump Therapy in People with Type 1 Diabetes  MacDonald, Sheena  NHS Dumfries & Galloway 
EF 34  Improved Treatment for Non ST Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (NSTEMI)- Access to early invasive investigation and Reduced Length of Stay   Hunter, Jennifer  NHS National Waiting Times Centre 
EF 36  Improving the Efficacy and Efficiency of handover in Acute Care of the Elderly Wards.  Talbot, Harriet  NHS Lothian 
EF 37  Inhaler Identification Guide Evaluation  McIvor, Elaine  NHS GG&C
EF 38 Innovative Health Check Delivery within General Dental Practices Jacqueline Young
EF 39  Innovative Rural Healthcare Delivery by Langabhat and Westside Medical Practice  Dixon, Kate  Langabhat Medical Practice 
EF 40  Inter-Regional Child Protection Forum for Complex Cases: a Collaborative Approach Between South East and Tayside (SEAT) and North of Scotland Planning Groups (NoSPG)  Pitt, Anne-Marie  North of Scotland Planning Group 
EF 42 MRI Patient Pre-Screening Project Watt, Rachel  NHS GRAMPIAN 
EF 43 North of Scotland Paediatric Unscheduled Care Pilot: Remote Decision Support for Rural Areas   Pitt, Anne-Marie  North of Scotland Planning Group 
EF 44 Online Medication Training for Carers (formal and unpaid)  MacLeod, Joan  Aberdeen City CHP, NHS Grampian 
EF 45 Pharmaceutical screening and prioritisation of mental health patients admitted to acute wards at Stratheden Hospital  Bate, Jonathan  NHS Fife 
EF 46 Quality Assurance Testing of Transoesophageal Echocardiography Probes  McLeod, Christopher  NHS Lothian 
EF 47  Quality Dashboards drive improvement  Wilson, Justin  NHS Borders 
EF 48 Rapid Elderly Assessment Care Team (REACT): A Hospital at Home Service  Munang, Latana  NHS Lothian 
EF 49 Re-design of Occupational Therapy in child health to improve quality and service delivery  Henderson, Gillian  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
EF 50 Reducing adverse childhood events in Ayrshire and Arran  Wason, Deborah  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
EF 51 Reducing avoidable emergency admissions in Ayrshire and Arran: Findings from a joint strategic needs assessment  McMillan, Marlene NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
EF 52 Movements Matter.  Gierasik, Linda  NHS Tayside 
EF 53 Reducing waiting times in Community Mental Health in Mid Argyll, Kintyre and Islay. Success by Process - Real Results Using Lean Methodology  Hookway, Gavin  NHS Highland 
EF 54 Reducing Waste in Pre-operative Echocardiography: A Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Project  Evans, Simon  NHS Forth Valley 
EF 55 Renal Dietetic Database: Innovative use of Desktop Software to Increase Dietetic Patient Facing Time with Haemodialysis Patients  Henderson, Nicola  NHS Forth Valley 
EF 56 Spread and Sustainability: In Practice  Birch, Lisa  Healthcare Improvement Scotland 
EF 57 Standardised approach to Domiciliary Oxygen in Paediatrics across the West of Scotland  Ure, lynsey  NHS Lanarkshire 
EF 58 Team Referral Criteria Simplify the Search! - Prioritising Referrals to the Multidisciplinary Respiratory Team for Polypharmacy Review  Liddell, Karen  NHS GG&C / NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
EF 59 Teleophthalmology: Electronic clinical communication between primary and secondary eye services  Cheng, Mei-Ling  NHS Fife 
EF 60 Housing a solution. The Development of Integrated Working Practices for Major Housing Adaptations and Housing Solutions for Disabled People in Easter Ross and Sutherland  Whiteman, Elaine  NHS Highland 
EF 61 The evolution of a Primary Care Out-of-Hours Service using Quality Improvement Methodology.  Wheelans, Craig  NHS Borders 
EF 63 WHERE CAN I FIND IT? Use of a Signposting newsletter to enhance the distribution of current Dementia related information   LESLIE, Allan  NHS Grampian 
EF 64 Complementary Therapies in Maternity Care. Using complementary therapies to reduce postdate induction of labour in NHS Tayside  Ford, Lorna NHS Tayside
EF 65 West Dunbartonshire's Positive Parenting Partnership: West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership   Irving, Heather  West Dunbartonshire Community Health and Care Partnership 
EF 66 West Lothian Distress Tolerance Project: A Multi-Agency Approach  Cook, Evelyn  Mental Health Advocacy Project (West Lothian) 
EF 67 Youth Engagement and getting transition right  Judson, Jane-Claire-  Diabetes Scotland
Improving Quality: Person-centred
Board number Title Main author Organisation
PC 01  A Qualitative Study: Impact of Community Respiratory Team on Patients with COPD   Milligan, Marianne  KNHS GG&C
PC 02  Active Resident Care  Carruthers, Julie  NHS Dumfries & Galloway 
PC 03  Adding Physiotherapy Triage for Unscheduled Care Musculoskeletal Callers  Ferguson, Fraser  NHS 24 
PC 04 Assets In Action  MCBRIDE, Frances East Dunbartonshire CHP
PC 05  The Consultation and Relational Empathy Measure (CARE) Cassie, Catherine  NHS Grampian 
PC 06  Caring for the Carers – a Stroke Carer Support Project  McAlpine, Lynsey  NHS Lothian 
PC 07  Chinikum At Home: A Family Centred Model of Diabetes Support Seneviratne, Prajapa Seneviratne  Diabetes Scoltand 
PC 08  Complaints – a question of unmet need?  Stirling, Alex  ISD, NHS NSS 
PC 09  Cultural and Dietary knowledge of Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) groups amongst healthcare professionals  Wallia, Sunita  NHS GG&C / NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
PC 10  Developing a 'decision aid’ for women considering post-treatment CA-125 testing for ovarian cancer  Wilson, Fiona  NHS Lothian
PC 11  Personalised Online Cancer Information in Scotland. Supporting people affected by cancer Hutchison, Kevin  NHS 24 
PC 12 Enhancing Recovery Focused Rehabilitation Fisher, Anne  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
PC 13  Evaluation of an educational programme for people at risk of Type2 Diabetes  McBride, Emily  NHS Lothian 
PC 15  Everything starts with Tea! Giving Patients A Voice  Thompson, Janet  NHS Grampian 
PC 16  Getting it right for Children with Exceptional healthcare Needs: E-learning for the multi-professional / multi-agency team  Scotland, Jayne  NHS National Services Scotland 
PC 17  Home Based Memory Rehabilitation Programme: An Occupational Therapy Early Intervention in Dementia  Coutts, Emma  Mental Health Occupational Therapy - NHS Dumfries and Galloway 
PC 18  Homeless patients and their medicines: Exploring expectations, beliefs and behaviours  Paudyal, Vibhu  Robert Gordon University 
PC 19  Improving Communication in Intensive Care through Adaptive and Alternative Communication  McGinley, Nina  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
PC 20  Improving Pain Assessment For Patients With Dementia In The Emergency Department  Duncan, Katrina  NHS Tayside 
PC 21  Improving the MRI Experience for Claustrophobic patients in NHS Grampian  Watt, Rachel  NHS GRAMPIAN 
PC 22  Increasing capability for health literacy sensitive practice - Making It Easy - Activities to build workforce engagement, increase awareness and skills to address helath literacy as a priority for person-centred care  Murphy, Lindsey NHS Education for Scotland 
PC 23  Integrating COPD services to promote more responsive, person-centred care  Fox, Amanda  NHS Lothian - Edinburgh CHP 
PC 24  Early mobilisation in Intensive Care Unit  Lambert, Caroline  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
PC 25  Introduction of THERAPETS to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary  Mundie, Alison  NHS Grampian 
PC 26  Knowledge into Action supporting Person Centred Health and Care  Kirkwood, Michelle  NHS GG&C / NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
PC 27  Live music for people with dementia in healthcare settings across Scotland  Bax, Sarah Music in Hospitals 
PC 28  Living longer healthier lives at home: Supporting the Scottish Ambulance Service to gather views on their 'Hear and Treat' and 'See and Treat' protocols  Kinstrie, Gillian  Scottish Health Council 
PC 29  Making it Easier: Tackling Barriers to reduce health inequalities.  MacKellaig, Juliet  Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland 
PC 30  MEDICINES RECONCILIATION - Renal Patients Take the Lead to Reduce Errors in Medicine Prescriptions  Neilan, Lesley  NSS 
PC 31  Mental Health Training for Local Operational Police Officers (Clackmannanshire)  Wakefield, Emma  NHS Forth Valley 
PC 32  Music and memories - Keeping sensory experiences alive  Boyd, Andrea  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
PC 33  MyLittleOne – bringing mothers closer to their sick or premature babies  Ainsworth, Sean  NHS Fife 
PC 34  MySurgery: A smartphone app to help patients optimise their outcome from surgery. A study of patients’ views.  Kilbride, Susan  University of Aberdeen 
PC 36 An integrated provision supporting a 'good death' for people at the end of life and their carers. Well trained health and social care staff confidently care for the best quality care through a person's changing life circumstances Irving, Heather  West Dunbartonshire Community Health and Care Partnership 
PC 37  Participatory art workshops in health and care environments  O'Connor, Margaret  Art in Healthcare 
PC 38  Partners In Care: Families And Carers Working In Partnership With Hospital Staff  Fyffe, Rebecca  NHS Fife 
PC 39  Peer-Based Network overcomes barriers to Professional Development  Campbell, Gill  NHS Education for Scotland 
PC 40  Prescribing Care at Home: Care at Home Pharmacy in West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership   Irving, Heather  West Dunbartonshire Community Health and Care Partnership 
PC 41  Promoting Excellence to improve services for people with dementia and their families and carers.  Reid, Jenny  NHS Lothian - Edinburgh CHP 
PC 42  Promoting self-management and recovery: the Lothian Bipolar Self-Help Group  Fegan, Sharon  NHS Lothian - Edinburgh CHP 
PC 43  Radiographer-Led Discharge In The Community Minor Injuries Unit  Craib, Janet  NHS Grampian 
PC 44  Real Time Feedback System Using Patient Feedback Volunteers  Hogg, Susan  NHS Borders 
PC 45  S.T.A.R.T (Smile, Talk, Appreciate, Reflect, Talk)- staff will be visible, available and have time to talk to you  Nicoll, Vicki  NHS Dumfries & Galloway 
PC 46  Service Change in Action – Rehabilitation Department Implementing Seven Day Service Divers, Christine  NHS National Waiting Times Centre 
PC 47  Tackling Delayed Discharge in East Lothian van Wessel, Marjo  Hospital to Home 
PC 48  The effectiveness of weight management in cancer survivors  Breeze, Lorna  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
PC 49  The evaluation of the Heart Manual Digital Format: Learning from users’ experience.   Deighan, Carolyn  Heart Manual Department - NHS Lothian 
PC 50  Preparing Patients for Pacemaker Implantation -improving patient understanding and documenting driving advice Sharkey, Noel  NHS Forth Valley 
PC 51  The People's Clinic - Using Patient Experience within Service Development  Dobb, Ben  NHS Grampian 
PC 52  The Validity of Consent for Extractions and Root Canal Treatment in Dundee Dental Hospital  Galloway, Jennifer  NHS Tayside 
PC 53  Treatment escalation planning within an acute hospital, let’s effectively communicate escalation of care.  Coles, Helen  NHS Dumfries & Galloway 
PC 54  Understanding decision-making and team culture in cancer multi-disciplinary team meetings: a quality improvement project.   Laing, Louise  University of Aberdeen/NHS Grampian 
PC 55  Use of multi-compartment compliance aids for effective, safe, person-centred care of residents of very sheltered housing in north east Scotland: initial case study findings  MacLure, Katie  Robert Gordon University 
PC 56  Using Decision Navigation to Support Patients with Prostate Cancer to make Treatment Decisions  Quinn, Sandra  Edinburgh Cancer Centre 
PC 57  Volunteer Support to Improve Wellbeing for Patients & Carers in Last Year of Life  High, Susan  Strathcarron Hospice 
PC 58  Leading the Way with Integrated Care: West Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership Crawford, Anna  West Dunbartonshire CHCP 
PC 59  Working together to create an integrated Occupational Therapy service in East Ayrshire  Henderson, Gillian  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
Improving Quality: Infrastructure
Board number Title Main author Organisation
QI 01  #FridayisQIday  Ovens, Jamie  NHS Grampian 
QI 02  Building Quality Improvement Capacity and Capability within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde   O'Reilly, Colette  NHS GG&C / NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
QI 03  Safe Moving & Handling Project  Hogg, Moira  NHS Grampian 
QI 04  Creating the conditions - Building a Quality Improvement Infrastructure   Hector, Rosemary  NHSScotland QI Hub 
QI 05  Developing a National Evidence Search and Summary Service for Scotland’s health and social care. Wales, Ann  NHS Education for Scotland 
QI 06  Diabetes at Your Finger-Tips (DEFT): Reaching Older People from BAME Communities Seneviratne, Prajapa  Diabetes Scoltand 
QI 07  Western Isles Work Based Progression Pathway Health and Social Care Gilbert, Deanne  NHS Western Isles
QI 08  Everyone Can Take Steps to Better Healthcare  Storrs, Anne Marie  NHS Tayside 
QI 09  HR Online  Lorimer, Michele  NHS Lothian 
QI 10  Implementing Transforming Care After Treatment Programme (TCAT) for Cancer Across Scotland  White, Sandra  West of Scotland Cancer Network
QI 11  Integrated Patient Pathways - Using STRATA   Wilson, Kerry  NHS Tayside 
QI 12  Integrating data to support quality improvement initiatives: an NSS approach  Smith, Jill  NHS National Services Scotland 
QI 13  Keep Calm and Integrate! Developing an analytical toolkit to support successful strategic planning for Integrated Health and Social Care Partnerships.   Boyd, Jennifer  National Services Scotland 
QI 14  Knowledge and Skill of Staff Involved in Delivering Health Checks Young, Jacqueline  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
QI 15  Lanarkshire Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Partnership  Downie, Pauline  NHS Lanarkshire 
QI 16  NHSGGC Library Network User Typologies Project Easton, Lynn  NHS GG&C
QI 17  Meeting The Opportunity Of Integration - The Assistant Practitioners - The right people, doing the right thing at the right time  Macdonald, Andrea  NHS Lothian - Edinburgh CHP 
QI 18  Midwife to Mother (M2M) Online breastfeeding education and support Kallat, Melissa  NHS 
QI 19  Modernising the provision of prostatic surgical services   Kesson, Eileen  NHS GG&C
QI 20  NHS Education for Scotland Nursing and Midwifery Practice Educator National Network  Lake, Suzanne  NHS Education for Scotland 
QI 21  Research and Development (R&D) Research Nurse Model: Integrating a Quality Service  Buchanan, Polly  Research and Development, NHS Fife 
QI 22  Re-engineering the Model of Nutritional Care in Cancer  Richardson, Rosemary  NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde/Macmillan Cancer Support 
QI 23  Regulating Health and Wellbeing in Social Care: The Extra Dimension  Warner, Jan  Healthcare Improvement Scotland 
QI 24  Senior Charge Nurse Supervisory Pilot Smith, Kim  NHS Borders 
QI 25  Solid foundations and strong support grow great things  Davis, Tracy  NHS Lothian 
QI 26  LEARNING TO LEAD. Survey of experiences and views of leadership development amongst primary care professionals in Scotland  Power, Ailsa  NHS Education for Scotland 
QI 27  The impact of WELPACT: The West Lothian Pathways Collaborative Improvement Programme  Swift, Carolyn  NHS Lothian 
QI 28  To reduce the failed to attend appointments (FTAs) at Community Dental Services  Imran, Zahid  NHS Tayside 
QI 29  Nothing Lost in Translation: Translating knowledge into practice for quality improvement of emergency care communications in remote, rural Zambia: A cross-boundary collaboration   Vallis, Jo  NHS Education for Scotland 
QI 30  Undertaking Lean improvement work at scale in NHS Highland  Stark, Cameron  NHS Highland 
QI 31 Utilising local electronic systems to collect national surveillance Sullivan, Christopher  HPS 
Improving the Health of the Population
Board number Title Main author Organisation
HP 01  Ageing Well in Lothian  Simpson, Liz  NHS Lothian 
HP 02  Alcohol Related Brain Damage: an example of Health and Social Care Service Collaborative  McCallum, Lynn  NHS Lothian 
HP 03  BBV Link Nurse Initiative in the Acute Hospital Setting  Kelly, Zoe  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
HP 04  Can a social marketing campaign have an impact on early stage breast cancer diagnoses?  Barnstaple, Nicola  Scottish Government 
HP 05 Perth & Kinross Care Home Activity Network Go4Gold Games Challenge Event Wilson, Carolyn  NHS Tayside 
HP 07  Perth & Kinross Care Home Activity Network (CHAN) Care Home Residents Swing Into Action Wilson, Carolyn  NHS Tayside 
HP 08 Creating a tobacco free NHS: The national smokefree NHS grounds campaign Hoeflich, Jane  NHS Health Scotland 
HP 09  Developing Hepatitis C Services in Lothian HMP Rose, Fiona  NHS Lothian 
HP 10  Edinburgh Cancer Centre Lifestyle Change Project  Hardie, Ellen  NHS Lothian 
HP 11  Finding opportunities to influence carers to engage with their own health needs  Tennant, Heather  NHS Grampian 
HP 12  Ideas and Innovation Scheme - Part of our Integrated Care Fund Weir, Annie  North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership 
HP 13  Identifying cardiovascular risks within carers centres - delivering health checks to carers  Wyper, Carolyn NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
HP 14  Improving antenatal care for women who smoke during pregnancy  Maxwell, David  Healthcare Improvement Scotland 
HP 15  Increasing the reach of Healthy Start in Langlee  McCraw, Aileen  NHS Borders 
HP 16  Living in the Gap: how the voluntary sector addresses health inequalities in Scotland Stevens, Claire  Voluntary Health Scotland 
HP 17  Moving Beyond Food Poverty through Inter-agency Team Work  McGillivray, Tracy  NHS Lothian 
HP 18 Peer Support Approaches to Prevent Perinatal Mental Health Problems  Heywood, Susie  NHS GG&C 
HP 19  Person centered listening, improving wellbeing in a community setting  Gibbon, Alan  NHS Tayside 
HP 20  Raising awareness of the impacts of tobacco use in the prison population: World No Tobacco Day activities at HMP Addiewell  McDonald, Sabina  NHS Lothian 
HP 21  Raising awareness of viral hepatitis in the prison population: World Hepatitis Day activities at HMP Addiewell  McDonald, Sabina  NHS Lothian 
HP 22  National burden of disease study, injury and risk factor study for Scotland McFadden, Margaret  Information Services 
HP 23  Testing a web based physical activity promotional tool for people with type 2 diabetes in the Highlands  Connelly, Jenni  NHS Highland 
HP 24  The value of a 12-15 month child health review and anticipatory guidance in supporting children to meet their developmental milestones  Cain, Judith  North Lanarkshire Council 
HP 25  VETERANS F1RST POINT Improving the Health of the Scottish Veteran Population Fegan, Sharon  NHS Lothian 
HP 26  Walk Your Way To Better Strength and Balance (S&B) Care Home Project Wilson, Carolyn  NHS Tayside 
HP 27  Weigh to Go – Empowering young people and tackling inequalities by delivering a weight management programme for 16 to 18 year olds in Glasgow City Esmail, Dr Sherrin NHS GG&C 
Securing Value & Financial Sustainability
Board number Title Main author Organisation
VF 01 Blood tests: one too many? Evaluating blood requesting guidance developed for acute patients admitted to trauma and orthopaedic units  Faulkner, Alastair  NHS Tayside 
VF 02  Catering Information System  Henry, Martin  NHS National Services Scotland 
VF 03  Enabling Research-Improving Care: the development and implementation of a National Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training Programme for Scotland.  McDermott, Shona  NHS GG&C
VF 04  MRI Safe Paediatric Video Entertainment System - MRI or a Marvellous Movie? Devery, Clare  NHS Tayside 
VF 05  Care Home Project – Reducing Medicines Waste, Harm & Variation  Martin, Rona  NHS Fife 
VF 06  Novel approach to Azacitidine stability and preparation  Gallagher, Joanne  NHS GG&C
VF 07  Link Up. West Dunbartonshire CVS and Health and Social Care Partnership Irving, Heather  West Dunbartonshire Community HCP 
VF 08  Once for Scotland – NES Lead Sponsor role for Management & Administration of Tier 2 Sponsorship of Medical Trainees in Scotland   Bruce, India  NHS Education for Scotland 
VF 09  Standardisation of Theatre Trays Across Greater Glasgow and Clyde Connelly, Ailsa  NHS GG&C
VF 10  Portering Services - Revisited, Reviewed and Redesigned to meet the needs of Ayrshire & Arran’s Health Care Delivery in 2015 and beyond  Armstrong, Janine  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
VF 11  We started by sharing the problem  Thompson, Maimie  NHS Highland