2016 Posters on Display

Over 230 posters were on display at this year's Poster Exhibition, representing the very best examples of quality improvement in each of the poster categories.

You can view the NHSScotland Event 2016 posters by selecting from the categories below – Person-Centred, Safe, Effective, Infrastructure, Health of the Population, Value and Sustainability and Integrated Care.

Quality of Care: Person Centred
Board number Title Main author Organisation
PC01 An Audit to Explore Attitudes of A and E Staff Regarding Service Users who Attend the Department with Self-harm Issues: A Collaborative Project Howard, Karin NHS Grampian
PC02 ACT Now! Guided Self-Help to Improve Self-Management and Emotional Wellbeing in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Martin-Smith, Holly NHS Grampian
PC03 Can Mobile Technology be Used to Improve the Discharge Planning Process for an Amputee Population? A Proof of Concept Project Duguid, Mary NHS Grampian
PC04 Clinical Nurse Education for Mental Health Wilkinson, Anne NHS Dumfries and Galloway
PC05 Communicating with patients and families about adverse events: National Being Open pilot in Scotland Mackenzie, Sheena NHS Lothian
PC07 Demonstrating a Person Centred Approach in an Expanding Community Respiratory Team Anderson, Deborah NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
PC08 Developing Documentation for End of Life Care. Farquharson, Joy St Andrew's Hospice
PC09 Development of a dedicated Dementia Post Diagnostic Support Service Mulherron, Christine NHS Tayside
PC10 Development of a Patient Reported Outcome Measure for Cardiac Rehabilitation Cowie, Aynsley NHS Ayrshire and Arran
PC11 Enabling the Care Workforce - A concept approach to enablement Dormer, Pam Bon Accord Care
PC12 Enabling Transformation within a Scottish Mental Health Charity Rudd, Bridey Penumbra
PC13 Enhancing the Role of Carers in Mental Health Services in Grampian Tennant, Heather NHS Grampian
PC14 Evaluation of the use of a Playlist for Life with patients and family in a community hospital environment Cairns, Yvonne NHS Forth Valley
PC15 Facilitating Early Discharge Through Enhanced Recovery After Planned Caesarean Delivery: A Scottish Government pilot at the Princess Royal Maternity, Glasgow. Clark, Andrew NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
PC16 Helping Veterans Whatever Their Needs May Be; Developing Services In Partnership Across Scotland Fegan, Sharon NHS Lothian
PC17 Improving the care of families with Inherited Cardiac Conditions: Setting up a Surveillance Clinic Mondoa, Catherine NHS Forth Valley
PC18 Scottish Medicines Consortium: Increasing transparency and the patient voice in health technology assessment of new medicines Lee, Anne Healthcare Improvement Scotland - Scottish Medicines Consortium
PC19 Inpatient Diabetic Foot Care - A proactive and patient centred focus Mercer, Catherine NHS Forth Valley
PC20 Intensive Care Syndrome: Promoting Independence and Return to Employment (InS:PIRE) McPeake, Joanne NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Glasgow Royal Infirmary
PC21 Interdisciplinary Work with Acquired Brain Injury: Transformative Practice in Art and Physiotherapy Goodman, Christine NHS Tayside
PC22 Introducing Holistic Needs Assessment in Outpatient Colorectal Cancer Clinics Dryden, Helen NHS Tayside
PC23 Introducing Teach-Back into an Advanced Heart Failure Clinic - A Case Study. Irvine, Bruce Golden Jubilee Foundation
PC24 Introducing the Daily Dangle to an Intensive Care Unit Ash, Sara NHS Lanarkshire
PC25 Junior Doctor's Handbook: An Essential Guide for New Doctors Ross, Daniella NHS Tayside
PC26 Introduction of an Oral Care Bundle within ICU Gaffney, Geri NHS Ayrshire and Arran
PC27 Occupational Therapy Anxiety Management Intervention Improves Outcomes for Patients with COPD Fox, Elaine NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde - Community Respiratory Team
PC28 Involving non-English speaking members of our local ethnic communities in the planning of health care Firth, Nigel NHS Grampian
PC29 Living with Autism – What are CAMHS doing well? What can CAMHS do better? Findlay, Fiona NHS Dumfries and Galloway
PC30 Locality-based Health and Well Being Support Programme for People Living With and Beyond Cancer Smith, Judith NHS Borders General Hospital
PC31 Making every Opportunity Count: everyone doing a little, people and services, to live as well as we can Leighton-Beck, Linda NHS Grampian
PC32 Mindfulness Based Smoking Cessation HMP Kilmarnock Bowhouse Harris, Pat NHS Ayrshire and Arran
PC33 Moving the focus of care from Hospital to Home for patients on dialysis Wood, Gillian NHS Tayside
PC34 NHS Borders Daisy Project: Person-Centred Care in the ICU Cox, Ellie NHS Borders
PC35 Breastfeeding in the Borders support (BiBS) Worsley, Kirstin NHS Borders
PC36 NHS Grampian Onestop AMD Service Santiago, Cynthia NHS Grampian
PC37 NHS Lanarkshire Acute Oncology Service: A Safe, Effective and Person Centred Service through partnership working with the wider Healthcare Professional group. Mack, Lynn NHS Lanarkshire
PC38 Occupational Therapy Service Improvement for children with Co-ordination Issues Chalmers, Claire NHS Grampian
PC39 Partnership Towards Employment – Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Role within Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Hall, Caroline NHS Ayrshire and Arran
PC40 Person-centred care from the start: the use of evidence to promote breast milk feeding in neonatal units (NNUs) in Scotland. Woodman, Kate NHS Health Scotland
PC40 Person-centred care from the start: the use of evidence to promote breast milk feeding in neonatal units (NNUs) in Scotland. Woodman, Kate NHS Health Scotland
PC41 Post-operative complications of prostate cancer surgery: a redesigned pathway of care Allardice, Mark NHS Lothian
PC42 Quality of Life of The Glasgow Amputee Population Davie-Smith, Fiona University of Glasgow
PC43 Raising Awareness of Dementia Champions and Best Practice in Dementia Care Staff Tennant, Heather NHS Grampian
PC44 Looking after carers health and wellbeing - One Solution. Hogg, Moira NHS Grampian
PC45 Talking Mats in interim care and long stay hospital settings Murphy, Joan Talking Mats
PC46 Teenagers Transition & Teamwork - Readiness of HIV infected young people to move from paediatric to adult healthcare Price, Vicki NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
PC47 The Development of a SPECIALIST PERINATAL MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE Sloan, Helen NHS Lanarkshire
PC48 THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNITY PEER SUPPORT GROUPS FOR PATIENTS FOLLOWING BRAIN INJURY Grayson, Lynn NHS Lanarkshire - Community Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team
PC49 The Role of Occupational Therapy within the Intensive Home Treatment Team (IHTT) Martin, Claire NHS Lothian
PC50 The use of Smart Technologies to Enhance Patient Care in a Hospital Setting McNamara, Christine NHS Ayrshire and Arran
PC51 The use of the Scottish Recovery Indicator Tool (SRI 2) in improving the service provided to service users within Ayrshire Forensic Mental Health Services. Hall, Caroline NHS Ayrshire and Arran
PC52 Transforming Care After Cancer in Ayrshire and Arran Provan, Debbie NHS Ayrshire and Arran
PC53 Peer research Co-producing the engagement of our strategic plan Weir, Annie North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
PC54 Using patient experience and feedback to improve attendance at health and well-being clinics Provan, Debbie NHS Ayrshire and Arran
PC55 Valuing Staff to Promote Health, Wellbeing & Person Centred Care Gordon, David NHS Tayside
PC56 What’s it all about ALFY? Finch, Beverley NHS Forth Valley
PC57 Anticipatory Care Planning in Scotland Cumming, Stuart Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Quality of Care: Safe
Board number Title Main author Organisation
S01 Testing the framework for measuring and monitoring safety in Scotland Thomson, Jo Healthcare Improvement Scotland
S02 Audit for Improvement. Safe Management of Peripheral Vascular Catheters Franklin, Emma NHS Lothian
S03 Brief Ward Tutorials are Effective at Improving Staff Knowledge & Confidence of Safe Insulin Administration Irvine, Laura NHS Lothian
S04 Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection: Inevitable Consequence or Avoidable Harm? Todd, Allison NHS Lothian
S05 Checking in! – introducing an admission checklist to improve the quality and reliability of patient care by reducing errors of omission. Ong, Su Ying NHS Fife
S06 Enhancing the effectiveness of Morbidity and Mortality reviews to improve patient safety Cormack, Karon NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
S07 Examining the relationship between surface bioburden and frequently touched sites in Intensive Care Adams, C E NHS Lanarkshire
S08 Improving patient safety and ward efficiency at the weekend for the medical patients at the Borders General Hospital (BGH) Tober, Katherina NHS Borders
S09 Improving recognition and escalation of the deteriorating woman using MOEWS in the Maternity setting Pandravada, Annapurna NHS Lanarkshire
S10 Improving safety and increasing use of Capnography in the Recovery Department at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh: The effectiveness of multi-modal approach Clinch, Nicholas NHS Lothian
S11 Interventions to improve the safety and quality of intravenous fluid prescribing for adult surgical patients in a district general hospital. Kennett, Lloyd NHS Lanarkshire
S12 IV Fluid Therapy in the Adult Surgical Patient Baggaley, Alice NHS Grampian
S15 NHS Grampian’s Healthcare Environment Hit Squad Gan, Preston NHS Grampian
S16 Reducing Boarding in Hairmyres Hospital: Whole System Improvement in Patient Flow and Safety Morrow, Karen NHS Lanarkshire
S17 REDUCING CATHETER ACQUIRED URINARY TRACT INFECTION (CAUTI) IN THE COMMUNITY "Making the Safety of Patients Everyone's Highest Priority" Brown, Marie NHS Lanarkshire
S18 Safe To Go? – Listen, Learn, Act Hardy, Alison NHS Grampian
S19 Snuggle Bundle; NHS Tayside 'Snuggle Bundle' Initiative Higgins, Pamela NHS Tayside
S20 Supporting Scotland's first 24 Hour Cancer Treatment Helpline in a Regional Cancer Centre Whigham, Jackie NHS Lothian
S21 The Incidence and Outcomes of Patient Safety Events in NHS Forth Valley General Practice Simpson, Leslie NHS Forth Valley
S22 The purpose, design and use of balancing measures in quality and safety improvement Toma, Madalina University of Dundee
S24 Transforming out-of-hours care in a remote and rural location Moran, Kelvin NHS Ayrshire and Arran
S25 Treatment Escalation Plans in Acute Care: One TEP at a Time! Hannah, Julie NHS Ayrshire and Arran
Quality of Care: Effective
Board number Title Main author Organisation
EF01 A Collaborative Approach to Confident Self Management Sedgwick, Karen Horizons Rehabilitation Centre / NHS Grampian
EF02 Collaborative approach to improve the identification and delivery of Sepsis 6 bundle: Pre-alerting by Scottish Ambulance Service Paramedics to an NHS Lanarkshire Emergency Department Carberry, Martin NHS Lanarkshire
EF03 A non-medical led model of care to improve outcomes and experience for older people on a rehabilitation ward: A Pilot' Watson, Shelley NHS Ayrshire and Arran
EF04 A Person Centred approach to improving Pain Assessment within ICU Howie, Jennifer NHS Ayrshire and Arran
EF05 A regional study to improve the prehospital recognition and management of patients presenting with sepsis Kerr, Jacques NHS Borders
EF06 Advanced Nursing Practice. Leading the way in Perinatal Mental Health Care McConachie, Susan NHS Forth Valley
EF08 Start Back: Innovative Physiotherapy Approach to Low Back Pain means a third of all patients can be Discharged with Advice achieving Good Outcomes. Tobin, Derek NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
EF09 Assess to discharge, not assess to admit: Same day assessment and treatment for acutely ill patients at Borders General Hospital Cox, Ellie NHS Borders
EF10 Assessing Leg Pain in the Community Claudication Clinic (CCC) Wood, Colin NHS Lanarkshire
EF11 Celebrating 10 years of ENP success in NHS Ayrshire & Arran Logan, Wendy NHS Ayrshire and Arran
EF12 Classification of Pain and its Treatment at an Intensive Care Rehabilitation Clinic. Mactavish, Pamela NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Glasgow Royal Infirmary
EF13 Transforming care through collaboration: experiences from the Renfrewshire Development Programme Cathy, Johnman NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde/University of Glasgow
EF14 Collaborating for Excellence: Managed Care Networks (MCN) The Means to Transformational Improvement in Hepatitis C Viris (HCV) Thain, Donna NHS Tayside
EF15 Community Pharmacy Intervention Improves Compliance with Secondary Prevention of Acute Coronary Syndrome Carson, Anthony NHS Lanarkshire
EF16 Court Liaison - Are we getting it right? Cooper, Fiona NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Community Forensic Mental Health Team
EF17 Establishing an Allied Health Professions Led Diagnostic Ultrasound Service within the Primary Care Setting Campbell, Lindsay NHS Ayrshire and Arran
EF18 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Carbapenem and Piperacillin/Tazobactam Prescribing Guidelines within NHSScotland Sneddon, Jacqueline Healthcare Improvement Scotland
EF19 Fetal Movement Awareness: Reducing Stillbirth in Scotland Harley, Dan Healthcare Improvement Scotland
EF21 Getting it Right Antenatally Renfrew, Patricia NHS Highland
EF22 Helpful to do it together Ensuring teams are equipped to support people who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) needs Renfrew, Laura NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
EF23 Hydration Matters - every patient, every time. Improving fluid management in Acute and Community hospitals Cameron, Oonagh NHS Forth Valley
EF24 Development of an OT led clinic for Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy out-patients Cameron, Jennifer NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
EF25 Implementation of the S.O.S Huddle: A whiteboard meeting for Medical Registrars and Trainees to change working patterns for the benefit of patient care in the Medical Receiving Ward Napier, Craig NHS Ayrshire and Arran
EF26 Improving communication for professionals delivering care to those living with diabetes Smith, Diane NHS Ayrshire and Arran
EF27 Improving inpatient experience for patients with eating disorders McGuiness, Tricia NHS Ayrshire and Arran
EF28 Improving Staff Morale Thomson, Karen NHS Dumfries and Galloway
EF29 Improving response times to home visits in Lothian Unscheduled Care Services (LUCS) Ibanez de Opacua, Amaia Healthcare Improvement Scotland
EF30 Increasing thoroughness of Head and Neck examinations in Pyrexial Children Flynn, Matthew NHS Lanarkshire
EF31 Introduction of the Nurse Development Passport Gardiner, Jill NHS Dumfries and Galloway
EF32 Let it Flow, Let it Flow … Close, Dr Steven NHS Grampian
EF33 NHS Ayrshire & Arran Hip Fracture Pathway Stewart, Angela NHS Ayrshire and Arran
EF34 STOBHILL BREAST CANCER SERVICE TRANSFORMING CARE AFTER TREATMENT PROJECT Improving Breast Cancer Follow Up - Reducing Unnecessary Hospital Visits - Building Community Links Morton, Anna NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
EF35 Occupational Therapy Students Spark Interagency Collaboration Thomson, Janet NHS Grampian
EF36 Personalising Lung Cancer treatment using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)Technology Bell, Christine NHS Grampian
EF37 Pharmaceutical Care by Telehealth in NHS Highland Hannam, Patricia NHS Highland
EF38 Physio-Led Exercise Classes for Low Back Pain Reduce Disability and Fear of Movement MacKelvie, Claire NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Back Pain Service
EF39 Driving Transformational Change through a Preventive Mental Health Initiative for Pre-school Children Renz, Brenda NHS Education for Scotland
EF40 Working Together to Improve 24 hour Postural Management within NHS Lanarkshire Frew, Lynn NHS Lanarkshire
EF41 PPI Prescribing in Remote General Practice Mulligan, Laura NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
EF42 Diabetes Acute Inpatient Nurse-led Specialty Inreach Service (DANSIS) Results from new pilot Mukhopadhyay, Babu NHS Lanarkshire - Diabetes Centre
EF43 Scottish Cancer Research Network – helping facilitate cancer research in Scotland Shearer, Kirsty NHS Grampian
EF44 Should I keep taking the tablets Doc? Hunter, Chris NHS Forth Valley
EF45 SNAP (Stop Now And Plan) Flanagan, John North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
EF46 Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy Pharmacy Prioritisation Project Martin, E NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
EF47 Taking SLT into the 21st Century: Embracing Social Media and the World Wide Web Webster, Rebecca NHS Tayside
EF48 The Introduction of Assessment (“Signpost”) Clinics to an Adult Psychological Therapies Team: Impact on Waiting Times and User Feedback Phillips, Katie NHS Lanarkshire
EF49 The Role of Optical Coherence Tomography in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Zachariah, Sonia NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Diabetic Retinal Screening Service
EF50 Transforming an outpatient inflammatory bowel disease service Todd, John NHS Tayside
EF51 Trophectoderm Biopsy: the future for Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis? Butcher, Liza NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
EF52 VMAT Treatment Planning Experience for Glioblastoma Patients Findlay, Lizzie NHS Grampian
Quality of Care: Infrastructure
Board number Title Main author Organisation
IF01 A blended local collaborative approach to improving care for older people : the role of Improvement Advisors Bond, Penny Healthcare Improvement Scotland
IF02 A.S.P.I.R.E. To Lead. Irving, Bill NHS Dumfries and Galloway
IF03 Bullwhip in the blood supply chain: Are we collecting enough blood? Cheng, Siu Yee NHS National Services Scotland Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service and Herriot Watt University
IF04 Championing Mentors Stitt, Karen NHS Dumfries and Galloway
IF05 Collaborating for Improvement: Care of Older People in the Acute Hospital in NHS Grampian Hoyle, Graeme NHS Grampian
IF07 Development of unscheduled care service in a regional cancer centre Whigham, Jackie NHS Lothian
IF08 District Nursing Implementation of Agile Technology Leonard, Rosie NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
IF09 Sharing Intelligence for Health & Care Group Norwood, Tim Healthcare Improvement Scotland
IF10 Fostering Champions of Change – 'Making improvement routine in Grampian' Ingram, Jenny NHS Grampian
IF11 Integrating care for older people - from strategy to reality Rodriguez, Cesar NHS Tayside
IF12 Leading Better Care in Lanarkshire Kerr, Jacqueline University of the West of Scotland
IF13 Lessons from the implementation of Combined Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Electronic Patient Records Conroy, Sara NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
IF14 Toolkits and Services to Support Health and Social Care Integration Morris, Esther NHS National Services Scotland
IF15 Many people, One System. Living Well in Communities Deep Dive Devereux, Nathan Healthcare Improvement Scotland
IF16 AHP Operational Measures. A Minimum Dataset for AHPs in Scotland McComiskie, Euan NHS National Services Scotland
IF17 Photographic Triage of Suspected Skin Cancers An innovation by NHS Lanarkshire - 10 Year Retrospective Henderson, Christine NHS Lanarkshire
IF18 ePortfolio for IV Therapy standards Irving, Christine NHS Borders
IF19 Strengthening Emergency Care Information and Communications in the Chitambo District, Central Zambia: a Cross-boundary Collaboration Vallis, Jo NHS Education for Scotland
IF20 The National Evidence Search & Summary Service Ann Wales NHS Education for Scotland
IF21 Using eHealth to help patients understand their cancer care: The development and implementation of an electronic cancer treatment summaries system (Tsum) Millar, Suzanne NHS Forth Valley
IF22 Working Together to Improve Older People’s Acute Care – A partnership approach to Evidence, Improvement and Assurance Bond, Penny Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Health of the Population
Board number Title Main author Organisation
HP01 Argyll and Bute Family Pathway. Working together to make Argyll and Bute the best place to grow up Renfrew, Patricia NHS Highland
HP02 Beware of The Chair Marshall, Lesley NHS Highland
HP03 Bridging the Smoke Free Gap: A Collaborative Measure to Meet Health Improvement Needs of People with Severe COPD In Glasgow Milligan, Marianne NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
HP04 Supporting Good Citizenship: Supporting Dementia Friendly Communities Irving, Heather West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership
HP05 Deep End Alcohol Support Service – Closing The Health Equity Gap Daly, Elaine NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – North West CAT
HP06 The Dig In: Horticulture project within Forensic Mental Health Services Allan, Jim NHS Ayrshire and Arran
HP07 Effectiveness of Vision Awareness Training for Learning Disabilities Health and Social Care staff Dick, Joanne RNIB
HP08 Exploring the Context of Teenage Pregnancy in Ayrshire and Arran Hall, Sandra NHS Ayrshire and Arran
HP09 Fit for Life Darling, Karole NHS Borders
HP10 Greening the NHS Estate - a developing pathway of work across two sites Jennings, Gillian NHS Ayrshire and Arran
HP11 Health & Social Care Intelligence Collaboration with the Third Sector Smith, Alistair NHS National Services Scotland
HP12 Health Promoting Care Home Framework: Our Home, Our Health McMaster, Kimberley NHS Ayrshire and Arran
HP13 HEALTHY RECOVERY – Recovery with Rangers (RwR) and Glasgow Veterans United (GVU) McDaid, James NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
HP14 Help! I'm a young carer but who cares for me? Tennant, Heather NHS Grampian
HP15 HIV Testing in the Community – Responding to the Glasgow Outbreak. Middleton, Lee NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – Glasgow Addiction Service
HP16 Improving management of Long Term Health Conditions of Adults with Learning Disabilities in Lothian Allison, Mandy NHS Lothian Health Pormotion Service
HP17 Incentivising Diabetic control through Preoperative Assessment Evans, Simon NHS Forth Valley
HP18 Introducing NHS occupational therapy-led clinics within East Ayrshire in collaboration with Job Centre Plus: addressing health inequalities by supporting individuals on their vocational journey Kerr, Lindsay NHS Ayrshire and Arran
HP19 Maximising Coverage of the 27 Month Child Health Review supported by South Lanarkshire Early Years Collaborative Boxall, Vivian NHS Lanarkshire
HP20 Money Worries? Find the right help in a crisis Tait, Aileen NHS Tayside
HP21 Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs in Body Builders and Recreational Gym Users: A Pilot in Harm Reduction Hughes, Stephen Fife Health and Social Care Partnership
HP22 Physical Health Challenges in Mental Health Practice e-Bulletin: Updates on the first year McKee, Tracey NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
HP23 Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and Hepatitis Screening at Mosques in Fife Hughes, Stephen Fife Health and Social Care Partnership
HP24 Smoking Cessation in Secondary Care Outpatient Clinics Hartley, Caroline NHS Grampian
HP25 Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Collaborating for Change Smith, Katrine NHS Tayside
HP26 Support Worker Physical Activity Project Flannigan, Lynn NHS Lanarkshire
HP28 Using a Geographical Information System (GIS) to identify areas with high susceptibility to measles Bishop, Jennifer NHS National Services Scotland - Health Protection Scotland
HP30 Videos Provide an Innovative Approach to Reduce Hospital Anxiety and Improve Health Literacy Boot, Marit What? Why? Children in Hospital
HP31 Work Alcohol Tobacco Obesity Mental Health (WATOM) & Physical Activity Group McPhail, Gavin NHS Ayrshire and Arran
HP32 West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership Improving access; improving symptoms – Integrated Psychological Therapies Groupwork Irving, Heather West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership
HP33 Offering “hard to reach” asthma patients Community Pharmacy as an alternative setting for their annual review Irving, Heather West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership
Value and Sustainability
Board number Title Main author Organisation
VS01 A national collaborative approach to developing sustainable Education Pathways for Business & Administration and Estates & Facilities staff in NHSScotland Darrie, Lorna NHS Education for Scotland
VS02 A Partnership approach: working with the Third sector to develop new and sustainable AHP service models Lowdon, Lorna NHS Ayrshire and Arran
VS03 A script in time saves... The benefits of a Discharge Prescription improvement programme Craig, Andrew NHS Lanarkshire
VS04 Borders Care and Repair Partnership approach to Adaptations Service. Pilot Project Jeffrey, Heather Borders Care and Repair
VS05 Creating sustainable change through improvement infrastructures across health, social care and the third sector Owen, Christine Healthcare Improvement Scotland
VS06 Developing an Education Award for AHP & Nursing Assistant Practitioners in Health and Social Care PDA: Health & Social Care: Promoting Enhanced Professional Practice (SCQF level 8) Macdonald, Andrea NHS Lothian
VS07 Digital Technology for Domiciliary Staff McComiskie, Euan NHS Lothian
VS08 Evaluation of the Variables Affecting the Weight of Femoral Head Bone Whittaker, Gillian NHS National Services Scotland SNBTS/Tissue & Cells
VS09 FACIAL PAIN SERVICE REDESIGN – Helping Patients Closer To Home Shearer, Jane NHS Forth Valley
VS10 Financial Savings from Community Claudication Clinics (CCCs) Wood, Colin NHS Lanarkshire
VS11 Improving the quality of care and improved flow to patients, as well as releasing staffing capacity within a Mental Health Day Unit. McAuslan Linda NHS Forth Valley
VS12 NHS funded infertility care in Scotland: Understanding provision, outcomes and costs Wood, Rachael NHS National Services Scotland
VS13 NSS National Logistics – Where’s my delivery? Goutam Chand, Ajay Kumar NHS National Services Scotland
VS14 Nutrition & Diet Resources – Patient Information with 20:20 Clarity Linda McPhillie Nutrition & Diet Resources UK (NDR-UK)
VS15 Pragmatic recycling in the operating theatre McKendrick, Douglas NHS Grampian, Dr Gray's Hospital
VS16 Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) in North Ayrshire Gilmour, Cheryl North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
VS17 NHSScotland SpendAnalyser: better information, bigger savings, best value Goutam Chand, Ajay Kumar NHS National Services Scotland
VS18 The Youth Augmentative and Alternative Communication Conference (YAAC 2015) – a sustainable model of awareness raising for AAC with young people Alexander, Jean NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
VS19 Transforming Care in Orkney: Our community, we care, you matter Bichan, Christina NHS Orkney
VS20 Understanding what influences quality improvement success at scale: an explanatory synthesis Harley, Sarah Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Integrated Care
Board number Title Main author Organisation
IC01 A person-centred approach to Frailty @ the Front Door: Service Redesign - an NHS Fife Model Kellichan, Louise NHS Fife
IC02 Anticipatory Care Planning – Supporting Older People to stay at home Hodge, Alison NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Glasgow City HSCP
IC03 Cost Effective Care in Your Own Home Johnson, Kathleen Brucehall Extra Care Housing, Shetland Islands Council
IC04 Classification and mapping of high resource health and social care pathways Lee, Andrew NHS National Services Scotland
IC05 Come to your senses about Dementia - EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Macleod, Rachel NHS Ayrshire and Arran
IC07 Developing a Framework for Psychological Therapies and Support in the West of Scotland Scott, Iona West of Scotland Cancer Network
IC08 Developing Health Psychology Service Across Health and Social Care in North Lanarkshire Raftery, Bronagh NHS Lanarkshire/ North Lanarkshire Council
IC09 NOTHING ABOUT ME WITHOUT ME. Involving People in Planning Their Palliative Care Gray, Elaine Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership
IC11 Enhanced Community Support Lancaster, Iona NHS Tayside
IC12 Food Train: Supporting older people to live happily at home Grant, Gaynor Food Train
IC13 From Consultation to integration; The development of an integrated Elderly Mental Health Liaison Team McEwen, Maryann NHS Ayrshire and Arran
IC14 Intermediate Care. HOSPITAL FOR TREATMENT - HOME FOR HEALTH Ballantyne, Marion Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership
IC15 Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership's Homecare Reablement Service Scoular, Jill Cordia Services LLP
IC16 Hospital at Home: An Enhancement to an Existing Rapid Response Team as an example of Integrated Care Cantley, Patricia NHS Lothian/Midlothian Health & Social Care Partnership
IC17 How an Integrated Care Model has transformed the COPD Pathway Fox, Amanda NHS Lothian
IC18 Integrating Community Health and Social Care Services in Fife McKenzie, Lorna Fife Health and Social Care Partnership
IC19 Integrating Health & Social Care in Aberfeldy Ryman, Audrey NHS Tayside
IC20 Living with Chronic Pain in Angus Guild, Rhona NHS Tayside
IC21 CARE AT HOME Medicines Management for Patients who Require a Care at Home Service Kelland, Jacqueline NHS Lanarkshire
IC22 Hate Crime. Theatre workshops in North Ayrshire Gilchrist, Marion North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
IC23 Scottish Patients At Risk of Readmission and Admission Mahmoud, Ahmed NHS National Services Scotland - PHI
IC24 The Govan SHIP Project (Social & Health Integration Partnership) McGarry, Vince Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership - South Sector
IC25 West Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership Community Hospital Discharge Team and Early Assessors service: Anticipating effective hospital discharge Irving, Heather West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership
IC26 Working together to Enhance Education in the Care Homes Carruthers, Julie NHS Dumfries and Galloway