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Quality of Care: Person Centred
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
PC-01 A bitter pill to swallow Alison Bain NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-02 A Patient in Need Tina Watson NHS National Services Scotland
PC-03 Improving the Identification & Management of Palliative Care Symptoms using a Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) in an Integrated Primary Care Team Caroline Sime Other
PC-04 Have you "Asked for Help" Providing Person Centred Care within an Imaging Department Pamela Burns NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-05 Asking our Students 'What Matters to You?' Karen Stitt NHS Dumfries & Galloway
PC-06 Ayrshire Maternity Unit - Improving Bereavement Care Project Frances Corrance NHS Ayrshire & Arran
PC-08 Beyond a Patient Leaflet. Scottish Hip Fracture Audit Kirsty Ward NHS National Services Scotland
PC-09 British Sign Language Provision in the NHS: Improvement Plan Arma Sayed-Rafiq NHS Health Scotland
PC-10 COPD – Caring For The Carers Lynne Turnbull NHS Lothian
PC-11 Improving patient, family & staff experience in Combined Assessment Units (CAU) through proactive Hospital Palliative Care Team (HPCT) attendance & earlier identification & access to Palliative Care Services Gwen McAuley NHS Ayrshire & Arran
PC-12 Person-Centred Paediatric Care: Capturing the Experience and Collaborating for the Future Ruth Magowan NHS Borders
PC-13 The Story of the Scottish PROM Iain Telfer NHS Lothian
PC-14 Primary Care Liaison Service - Encouragement to Empowerment Jeanie Gallacher NHS Dumfries & Galloway
PC-15 ePR and App Improve Care for Patients in Scotland Marie Richmond Scottish Ambulance Service
PC-16 Evidence-into-Practice approach - breastfeeding and attachment for babies and their families in neonatal units Gill Milner Other
PC-17 Extending Support for Those Affected by Head & Neck Cancer Louise Wardle NHS Lanarkshire
PC-18 From Therapeutic Relationship to Working Partnership - A Journey Towards Independence Jo Mullen NHS Grampian
PC-19 Developing North Ayrshire Children's Services Plan in partnership with local children Donna McKee NHS Ayrshire & Arran
PC-20 Helping people to help themselves: an experiential eight-week mindfulness course for people living with a long-term inflammatory condition Jean Phillips NHS Ayrshire & Arran
PC-21 Hepatitis C Re-Engagement Project 2017 Anne-Marie Hobkirk NHS Grampian
PC-22 The Streaming Tool in Acute Medical Admissions – How a streaming tool can redesign service and quality in your MAU Elaine Clark NHS Ayrshire & Arran
PC-23 How can we help you? Informing patients and clinicians prior to first consultation at the pain clinic Lars Williams NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-24 NEWS National Early Warning System. Implementing a Model of Early Recognition and Rescue of deteriorating Patients across the Community and Mental Health wards throughout the Scottish Borders Jacqueline Gillie NHS Borders
PC-25 Improving communication and empowering families and children living with diabetes by using a smartphone app Rhona O'Neill NHS Ayrshire & Arran
PC-26 Improving Cure Rates in Elderly Patients with Haematological Cancers: Development of a Haemato-Oncology/Geriatric Liaison Service Pam McKay NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-27 Improving Dementia Care within the Orthotic Service Colette Dickson NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-28 Improving Patient and Public Involvement in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Jennifer Dickson Healthcare Improvement Scotland
PC-29 Improving Women’s Preparedness for Induction of labour Rebecca Karl NHS Tayside
PC-30 Increasing Tissue Donation in the Emergency Department Susan Macmillan NHS Forth Valley
PC-31 It’s never too late - A 24-hour approach to Postural Care Fiona Little NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-32 Journey from fixers to enablers of care: Podiatry team experience Eileen Sharp NHS Forth Valley
PC-33 Road To Recovery: Managing Expectations Through Person Centred Goal Setting #rehabgoals Amy Sinclair NHS Lothian
PC-34 MoVE – A family centred approach to early mobilisation in the PICU Nicola Fergusson NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-35 Person-Centred Model of Care for follow up of Haematology-Oncology Patients - A Transformational Change Lorna Welsh NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-36 Reduction in regular long-term Anxiolytics and Hypnotic prescribing in Primary Care Adeline Tan NHS Lothian
PC-37 Specialist Dementia Unit Improvement Project Thomas McCarthy Healthcare Improvement Scotland
PC-38 Structured Education at Diagnosis in Type 1 Diabetes transforms self management, confidence and outcomes Chris Kelly NHS Forth Valley
PC-39 Team Around the Child in Ayrshire Kirsty Ramsay NHS Ayrshire & Arran
PC-40 The effects of peer led, chronic pain education in primary care on attitudes to self-management: An NHS and third sector partnership. Martin Dunbar NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-41 The Impact of an Increase in Medical Sessions for a Hospital Palliative Care Team Elizabeth Anderson NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-43 The use of technology in the delivery of supportive care of lung cancer patients Pamela Rose NHS Lanarkshire
PC-44 Transforming Publications. Putting Customers at the Heart of Publication Design Anna Price NHS National Services Scotland
PC-45 Utilising Greenspaces to improve patient experiences within inpatient wards Claire Martin NHS Lothian
PC-46 Viewing ultrasound images in the abortion clinic – women and healthcare professional’s opinions Janine Simpson NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-47 'What matters to you day?' 2017 Claire Scrim Healthcare Improvement Scotland
PC-48 Whose Outcome is it anyway? Shifting the balance of power - trialling a Personal Outcomes Approach on a Stroke Unit Lorna Nicholson NHS Fife
Quality of Care: Safe
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
S-01 A'Shift' in Practice: Reducing Falls in an Elderly Mental Health Ward Jacqui Pringle NHS Lothian
S-02 Building a High Reliability Organisation through a Weekly Quality Huddle Jonathan O'Reilly NHS Lanarkshire
S-03 Pass planning - Promoting Positive Pass Experience and Reducing Risk Tricia McGuiness NHS Ayrshire & Arran
S-04 Creating a culture of quality in the ED - making quality improvement everyone's business Sharon Deans NHS Ayrshire & Arran
S-05 Developing a standardised pathway for reducing and investigating stillbirths Anne Mackinnon NHS Fife
S-06 Does SBAR Improve the Quality of Hospital at Night Handover? Marissa Parker NHS Lanarkshire
S-07 Driving Depth and Building Success Improving Implementation of Local Guidance (Step 5) of The Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool in two nursing homes within Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Alison Molyneux NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
S-08 NHS GG&C Emergency & Minor Injury Departments Mental Health Triage & Risk assessment Tool (MHTRAT) Paul Devlin NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
S-09 Emergency Dispatch to Match Saving Lives by Prioritising the Most Serious Incidents Steph Jones Scottish Ambulance Service
S-10 Falls Project Linda McDougal NHS Dumfries & Galloway
S-11 Growing culture to prevent ulcers…. Donna Lamont Other
S-12 Perceptions and experiences of hospital clinical pharmacists relating to suboptimal pharmaceutical care: qualitative studies using the Theoretical Domains Framework Amanda McLean NHS Lothian
S-13 Implementation of Anticipatory Care Plans in Care Homes in East Ayrshire Rae Wilson NHS Ayrshire & Arran
S-14 Implementing safety huddles / Improving observational practice Catharine Cairney NHS Ayrshire & Arran
S-15 Improving “Standby” by the ambulance service to the ED Julie Thomson NHS Fife
S-16 Improving Clozapine Patient Information – A New Approach Andrew Walker NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
S-17 The introduction of a pause, hands-off handover to enhance quality and safety of care within an ICU setting Caroline McEwan NHS Ayrshire & Arran
S-18 Improving Safety & Quality of Care for Hip Fracture Patients Hip Fracture Quality Improvement Programme (HIPQIP), Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH), Glasgow NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
S-19 Improving the quality of medicine reconciliation in a medical admissions unit Joan-Marie Sutherland NHS Lothian
S-20 Introducing a National Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) Lesley Macfarlane Healthcare Improvement Scotland
S-21 Introducing Learning from Excellence to Improve Patient Safety, Quality of Care & Staff Morale Alyson Walker NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
S-22 Medicines Reconciliation at the Community Mental Health Team and General Practice Interface: A Quality Improvement Study Chris Johnson NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
S-23 Improving continence in Care Homes Alice Macleod NHS National Services Scotland
S-24 Realistic Medicine Supporting patients and clinicians on a novel class of oral anticoagulants Elaine McIvor NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
S-25 Reducing central line associated bloodstream infections within the neonatal unit at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow Lesley Macfarlane Healthcare Improvement Scotland
S-26 Reducing maternal anaemia at term - finding a window of opportunity Jennifer Boyd NHS Fife
S-27 Reducing missed doses associated with medication unavailability in acute hospital wards: a new workflow and awareness campaign Jin Hah NHS Lothian
S-28 Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) 10 years of Improving Safety Joanne Matthews Healthcare Improvement Scotland
S-29 Shetland Isles Telepharmacy: Utilising Pharmacy Skills Anthony McDavitt NHS Shetland
S-30 Simulating the hospital not just ED! Using in situ simulation for multidisciplinary process testing Maggie Currer NHS Fife
S-31 The right amount of the right fluid at the right time Marcia McDougall NHS Fife
S-32 Signpost to Safety Julie Bladen NHS Lothian
Quality of Care: Effective
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
EF-01 Reporting accuracy of VQ SPECT in the pregnant population Chelsey Turner NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-02 An Innovative way to reliably reduce Harm, Waste and Variation in elective Surgery - The UK’s first ever prescribing-pharmacist led Theatre Admission Suite (TAS). Shady Botros NHS Tayside
EF-03 Around The Clock: The Development of an Out of Hours Frailty Service to the Emergency Department Joy Reid NHS Fife
EF-04 Audiology Directed MRI Referral to Exclude Vestibular Schwannoma Caroline Rae NHS Tayside
EF-05 Prescribing Practice within Care of the Elderly Ward Emma Russell NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-06 BADGERS – A Paediatric 30 day challenge Giuliana Torpiano NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-07 Can a GP self-directed review of antimicrobial prescribing be used as a tool to inform primary care prescribing of antimicrobials? Jacqueline Seenan NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-08 Cancer Medicines Outcomes Programme (CMOP): Better use of existing data to understand outcomes in a local population Jennifer Laskey NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-09 Care Home Access to Minor Injury Practitioner Service (CHAMPS) Wendy Thomas NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-10 Cauda Equina Syndrome: reduced Orthopaedic admissions and improved compliance with 4 hour target to treat Gemma Taylor NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-11 Change of pharmacy processes to improve the patient experience and discharge flow on a surgical ward Katarzyna Nowak NHS Borders
EF-12 Combined drug recovery and hepatitis C treatment clinic leads to more effective engagement than traditional care model Lee Middleton NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-13 Community Meal Support within a Tertiary Eating Disorder Specialist Service Nyree Weir NHS Lanarkshire
EF-14 COMPASS TEAM: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Skills for 16-25 year olds in psychological distress. Suzan Aydinlar NHS Lanarkshire
EF-16 Deteriorating Patient Trolley :An innovative patient safety local improvement Maureen Brannigan NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-17 Developing an Implantable Loop Recorder Service: Improving Patient Access Julie Macdonald NHS Forth Valley
EF-18 Hospital Flow Dashboard for Lothian Health and Social Care Partnerships Jennifer Boyd NHS National Services Scotland
EF-19 Development of a mental health pathway for young people with epilepsy Dr Catriona George NHS Lothian
EF-21 SNBTS Digital Donor Selection Toolkit: A Collaborative Journey to an Enhanced Experience Sandra McLachlan NHS National Services Scotland
EF-22 Early Perinatal Interventions to Improve Neonatal Outcomes in NHS Ayrshire & Arran Althaf Ansary NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-23 Effect of adherence to a national post-operative bundle of care for patients undergoing right hemi-colectomy surgery: National Enhanced Recovery Colorectal Initiative (NERCI) David McDonald Other
EF-24 Effective Communications, Effective Diagnostics: The Role of the Network in Improvement Liz Blackman NHS National Services Scotland
EF-25 EROS – Enhanced Recovery following Obstetric Surgery: A year of EROS in NHS Fife Claire Massey NHS Fife
EF-26 Improving recovery and returning home earlier: Enhance Recovery for Obstetric Surgery in Scotland (EROSS) Andrew Clark Other
EF-27 For Everything, There is a First Time – A South Glasgow Initiative to Improve Mental Health Care in a General Hospital Jennifer Armour NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-28 Identifying Critical Success Factors which lead to Improved Outcomes for People with Dementia, Carers and Staff in Acute Care Lynn Flannigan Healthcare Improvement Scotland
EF-29 Improving anticipatory care planning in palliative care Josaleen Connolly NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-30 Improving Pre-hospital Stroke Care Christine Jeffrey Scottish Ambulance Service
EF-31 Improving the assessment and management of osteoporosis and fracture risk in patients with neurodegenerative parkinsonism Sacha Gandhi NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-32 Improving the Quality of Electronic Patient Records in Community Nursing within NHS Forth Valley Suzanne McGregor NHS Forth Valley
EF-33 Improving the quality, clinical and cost-effectiveness of ONS prescribing within GGC through collaborative working Wendy McGaugie NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-34 Individual Placement and Support for Veterans Lauren Anderson NHS Lothian
EF-35 Intrauterine Contraception Clinic – Qualitative Improvement Study Sophie El-Nahas NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-36 Introduction of a Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Chronic Pain In NHS Dumfries and Galloway Lynne Mann NHS Dumfries & Galloway
EF-37 Improving Bowel Screening: Introduction of the Quantitative Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) in the Scottish Bowel Screening Programme Jess Brand NHS National Services Scotland
EF-38 Mission Breakfast – A Multidisciplinary Approach to Groups in a Mental Health Inpatient Setting Laura Sinclair NHS Grampian
EF-39 Musculoskeletal Foot and Ankle Pathway Implementation Nicola Munro NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-40 MyPsych – a psychiatry placement app for medical students Tracey McKee NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-41 NHS Ayrshire & Arran working to achieve Gold Standard in Living Kidney Donor Transplantation Hazel Herbert NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-42 NT Pro – BNP test in diagnosis of heart failure: First Test - Right Test - Practising Realistic Medicine Catrina Macgregor NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-43 Occupational Therapy for Children and Young People: A Collaborative Approach To Service Provision Taryn Shelley NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-45 Paediatric Dietetic Prescribing Support in Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy Louise McKerrow NHS Fife
EF-46 Paeds 30:30 – A Quality Improvement Challenge Geetika Kumar NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-47 Preoperative risk assessment for cardiac patients with diabetes Tomoyo Fujiwara Golden Jubilee Foundation
EF-48 Rapid Elderly Assessment and Care in Hospital (REACH): Proactive Identification of Frailty within an Acute Medical Unit Latana Munang NHS Lothian
EF-49 Regional citrate anticoagulation implementation and comparison against heparin (or other) systemic anticoagulation; the nurses perspective Liam Jude McHugh NHS Lanarkshire
EF-50 Release of GP Time Through Pharmacist Led Chronic Pain Review Adrienne Fraser NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-51 Relieving the Strain: Redirection from St John’s Emergency Department to Lothian Unscheduled Care Services Katrina Catton NHS Lothian
EF-52 Shifting the Balance of Care: Improving Safe Non-conveyance through Secondary Telephone Triage Kingsley Oturu Scottish Ambulance Service
EF-53 Shifting the balance of care: Transforming Oral Surgery Services Nicola Cross NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-54 Supporting High-Quality Clinical Device Interventions: NRS Stroke lead the Vagus Nerve Stimulation trial Steven Burke Other
EF-55 The Ambulance Service: Providing Care at Home Jenny Long Scottish Ambulance Service
EF-56 The Fetal Alcohol Assessment and Support Team (November 2015 - March 2018) Jennifer Shields NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-57 Respiratory Physiotherapy facilitates the flow of patients with COPD Siobhan McGuire NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-58 Advance Practice Physiotherapist (APP) as first point of contact in a GP cluster in Lanarkshire Ruth Currie NHS Lanarkshire
EF-59 Think Mobility In ARI ICU - Introduction of an MDT Readiness to Mobilise Assessment Tool Karin Massie NHS Grampian
EF-60 Using a multi disciplinary quality improvement approach to enhance care of the hip fracture patient Emma Gerrie NHS Grampian
EF-61 Weigh Forward: working collaboratively to address severe obesity Helen Moffat NHS Grampian
Quality of Care: Infrastructure
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
IF-01 A consistent approach to managing sickness absence Jacqueline Young NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IF-02 An alternative place for Palliative care Josaleen Connolly NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IF-03 CAIR: Care Assurance Improvement Resource A tool for Nursing & Midwifery Annemarie van Heelsum NHS National Services Scotland
IF-04 Delivering Successful Outcomes for Patients: Strengthening recruitment to clinical trials Ian Anderson Other
IF-05 Developing Universal Training to Meet the Health, Care, and Well being of Children and Young People Alison Wilson NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IF-06 Empowering people living with Diabetes by introducing telehealth (EDITH) Megan Alcroft NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IF-07 Significant savings secured by biosimilars How facilitating a switch from originator biologic drugs to biosimilars via a national programme yielded substantial cost benefits Martin Perry NHS National Services Scotland
IF-08 Aberdeen Falls Referral Pathway between the Scottish Ambulance Service and Aberdeen Health & Social Care Partnership Bryan Milne Scottish Ambulance Service
IF-09 Improving identification of people who could benefit from a palliative care approach Michelle Church Healthcare Improvement Scotland
IF-10 Shocking WILDCAT Numbers in Grampian Improving outcomes of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Rural Scotland Keri Fickling Scottish Ambulance Service
IF-11 Improving the Unscheduled Care Response to Supporting Mental Health & Well-being through Telehealth & Digital Care Developments Paula Shiels NHS 24
IF-12 Introducing leadership skills for first year GP registrars into workplace training in GP practice placements MeiLing Denney NHS Education for Scotland
IF-13 Introduction of a Combined Orthopaedic Plastics Service for West of Scotland Emma Sharp NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
IF-14 Journey Home to 60 Degrees North and Beyond Denise Neild NHS Shetland
IF-15 Worried About Breast Cancer Coming Back? Managing fears of recurrence in a breast cancer patient population - preliminary findings from an innovative group intervention led by clinical psychology and therapeutic radiography Natalie Rooney NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
IF-16 From Quality Improvement Practicum to Practice: A Showcase Event Anne Lackie NHS Forth Valley
IF-17 Psychology Primary Care Liaison Project - Improving access to psychological therapy Catherine Swan NHS Dumfries & Galloway
IF-18 Quality Improvement for NHS Board Members Heather Shearer Healthcare Improvement Scotland
IF-19 Service Learning :a win win situation for all: where medical students assist the clinical team to gather patient experience feedback Vicki Tully NHS Tayside
IF-20 Telehealth and Diabetes in NHS Ayrshire & Arran Carolyn Oxenham NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IF-21 Telehealth on Diet and Diabetes (TODD) Ruth Barclay-Paterson NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IF-22 The electronic whiteboard in the Combined Assessment Unit - Innovation in flow, governance and process efficiency. Elaine Clark NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IF-23 Transformational Change in The Early Years: Co-locating Speech and Language Therapists to Early Years Establishments Joanne Gibson NHS Lanarkshire
Health of the Population
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
HP-01 Hepatitis C Treatment Adherence among People who Inject Drugs: A Grounded Theory Carolyn Maeve Butler NHS Forth Valley
HP-02 ABCD: Advancing Bairns' Communication in Dundee. Empowering Education staffand families to boost communication skills in pre-school children to close the attainment gap - a Midway Reflection Xophie Hooper NHS Tayside
HP-03 Adolescent Group Based Rehabilitation Class - a Service Development Review Sarah Mitchell NHS Fife
HP-04 An innovative approach to complementary foods (weaning) and early eating habits Arlene MacDonald NHS Ayrshire & Arran
HP-05 Baby Steps - small steps to a healthy pregnancy Kirsteen Carmichael NHS Grampian
HP-06 Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland: Helping children and young people to thrive Jennifer McLean NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
HP-07 Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) add value, co-producing wellbeing opportunities for people seeking employment Susan Johnston NHS Grampian
HP-08 Scottish Burden of Disease. Deprivation analysis Jade Kavanagh NHS National Services Scotland
HP-09 #EndPJParalysis; What is our baseline in Acute Adult In-Patient Services? Amanda Wong NHS Fife
HP-10 Improving a nation’s health through a voyage of NSS Discovery Alan Finlayson NHS National Services Scotland
HP-11 Child Poverty: Optimising uptake of money advice and income among families with children 0-5 years Vivian Boxall Other
HP-12 Reducing Inequalities in the Coverage and Uptake of the 27 month Universal Child Review Vivian Boxall Other
HP-13 St Andrew's Secondary School "Piecing it Together" Kenna Campbell NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
HP-14 "Suddenly you’re on your own, and you’re out there in the big world": middle aged adults' sexual risk taking behaviours within the context of life-course transitions Jenny Dalrymple NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
HP-15 Establishing Good Oral Health Habits for Scotland's Children - New Qualification for Nursery Practitioners at SCQF Level 6 Trish Gray NHS Education for Scotland
HP-16 Neighbourhood Watch: Working Together to Prevent Health Inequalities Scott Wilson NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
HP-17 Tackling Poor Posture, Increased screen time and Inactivity in the Adolescent Population. A pilot study. Pierette Melville NHS Fife
HP-18 The effect of cycling using active-passive trainers on spasticity, cardiovascular fitness, function and quality of life in people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Alison Barclay NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
HP-19 The Effectiveness of Facebook in Highlighting Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Advice to Service Users within Ayrshire Stuart Buchan NHS Ayrshire & Arran
HP-20 You can't pour from an empty cup - Thrive A Winter Wellbeing Programme for Senior Charge Nurses Inga Cosway NHS Lothian
HP-21 Weigh 2 Go Borders(W2GB) Adult Weight Management Programme Evaluation - Evaluation of group approach pilot for new adult weight management programme Pamela Jaworowska NHS Borders
HP-22 Weigh 2 Go Borders (W2GB) Adult Weight Management Programme - Evaluation of new adult weight management programme Pamela Jaworowska NHS Borders
HP-23 Working in partnership to improve mental wellbeing 10 years of Scotland's 'Breathing Space Day' Tony McLaren NHS 24
Value and Sustainability
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
VS-01 A quality improvement project to improve the life of continuous renal replacement circuits Geraldine Dixon NHS Lanarkshire
VS-03 Cold Debriefs: a tool for Quality Improvement & Learning Elspeth Pitt NHS Forth Valley
VS-04 Delivering Excellence in Challenging Times: NHS Health Scotland’s Approach Tim Andrew NHS Health Scotland
VS-05 Developing a sustainable & resilient Primary Care Out-Of-Hours Service using Advanced Nurse Practitioners Rebecca Green NHS Borders
VS-06 #ED3030 – A novel way to engage front line staff in quality improvement Claire Gilroy NHS Ayrshire & Arran
VS-07 Future fit:bit of a re-design Collaborative steps towards a sustainable SLT acute team structure Clare Tarr NHS Grampian
VS-08 Immunoglobulin prescribing within haematology and haemato-oncology within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Claire Kennedy NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
VS-09 Improving Document Management in Primary Care Adeline Tan NHS Lothian
VS-10 InFLUencing low vaccine uptake – A quality improvement approach Frances Notman NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
VS-11 Innovation and Collaboration – a powerful combination Robert Rea Other
VS-12 Multimorbidity Rehabilitation – The Sustainable Way Forward Jane Holt NHS Ayrshire & Arran
VS-13 Non Medical Prescribing of Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy – Developing a West of Scotland Cancer Network Competency Framework Iona Scott NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
VS-15 Review of Occupational Therapy in Glasgow City HSCP – Defining core and specialist skills and a competency framework to support role development across health and social work occupational therapists Hilary Bell NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
VS-16 Special Delivery: promoting sustainable service improvement through integrated data modelling Evelyn Shiel NHS Lothian
VS-17 Supporting full and independent lives through innovative technology approaches Susan Bishop NHS Forth Valley
VS-18 NHS Tayside Survive and Thrive Service; moving forward from interpersonal trauma Sarah Shand NHS Tayside
VS-19 The Use of Telecare in the Re-design of Overnight Supports for People with Learning Disabilities: Implementing a Cluster-based Approach in North Ayrshire Carly Nesvat NHS Ayrshire & Arran
VS-20 Transforming education & career development for the nursing, midwifery & health professions workforce in Scotland Jane Harris NHS Education for Scotland
VS-21 Primary Care Out of Hours Pulling Together Bryony Murray NHS Forth Valley
VS-22 Using FLO to Engage Patients on Tayside Pain Management Programme Paulene Madoc-Jones NHS Tayside
VS-23 Maximise Efficiency, Minimised Waste by streamlining processes and pathways in radiotherapy Damian Parr NHS Tayside
VS-24 Youth Employment Widening Access & Growing Your Own Workforce: the pipeline of potential to competence Andrea Macdonald NHS Lothian
Integrated Care
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
IC-01 A problem shared... a whole system approach to improving the timeliness of discharge from Orkney’s remote and rural general hospital Christina Bichan NHS Orkney
IC-02 Accessible Depression and Anxiety Psychological Therapies for Long term Conditions (ADAPT for LTCs) Leeanne Nicklas NHS Education for Scotland
IC-03 Closer to Home – Intermediate Care in the Community Kim Aitchison NHS Forth Valley
IC-04 A LOT to Offer! Co-Location of Occupational Therapy within Lanarkshire GP Practices Shonaid McCabe NHS Lanarkshire
IC-05 Creating a wellness service for children and young people in Ayrshire and Arran. Cluster modelling in schools and communities Kerry Allison NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IC-06 Do you need to talk? A Listening Service in High Schools Andrew Bennett NHS Tayside
IC-07 Does the Frailty service improve care for the older adult at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH)? Lara Mitchell NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
IC-08 I’ll know when I see it! Increasing Participation, Equality and Independence through symbolic signage in a Renfrewshire Learning Disability Day Service Claire McPeake NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
IC-09 Embedding Welfare Rights Advisors in General Practice Kate Burton NHS Lothian
IC-11 Mental Health Innovation Fund (MHIF): Improving responses to distress through creating a “no wrong door” approach Suzan Aydinlar NHS Lanarkshire
IC-12 NHS Dumfries and Galloway's Local Pressure Ulcer collaborative Nicola Sloan NHS Dumfries & Galloway
IC-13 Personality Disorder and Homelessness Service Kate Sloan NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
IC-14 Pressure Ulcer Risk Identification & Assessment Improvement Hazel McConnell NHS Dumfries & Galloway
IC-15 Community Mental Health Older People Functional Standards Jacqueline Daly NHS Tayside
IC-16 Putting Activity Back Into Life: The inception of a Wellbeing Group Sarah Mitchell NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
IC-17 Risk Stratification of Syncope at the Front Door: An Integrated Approach to Syncope Management James Reid NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
IC-18 Mental Health & Addictions Building the Digital Partnership Mark Greig NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
IC-19 Specialist Paramedic integration with Primary Care Paul Grant Scottish Ambulance Service
IC-20 Supporting Integrated Care within Primary Care: Embedding Behavioural Health in the Core Team Alyssa Lee NHS Tayside
IC-21 Swallowing Matters Improving the Management of Residents in Care Homes with Swallowing Difficulties Elaine Holden NHS Lanarkshire
IC-22 North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership Telecare and Scottish Ambulance Service test of change pilot Helen McArthur NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IC-23 Veterans First Point Lanarkshire: Pioneering a unique NHS and third sector partnership Maria Gascon NHS Lanarkshire