2019 Posters on Display

Posters from the 2019 Event are available to view from one of the categories below.

Quality of Care: Person Centred
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
PC-01 Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner consultation as an alternative to GP consultation for patients with MSK Conditions Debbie Crerar Midlothian HSCP
PC-02 Because life happens! Collaborating to support training in Autism across the lifespan Janine Robinson NHS Education for Scotland (NES)
PC-03 Breaking the Intergenerational Cycle of Speech ,Language and Communication Deficit in children under 5 years Vivian Boxall South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership
PC-04 C.diff – What matters to me; a patient and relatives perspective of Clostridium difficile infection. Elaine Ross NHS Dumfries & Galloway
PC-05 Carer's Academy Susan Holland NHS Ayrshire & Arran
PC-06 Co-creating Technology Supported Interventions - How would you like to Benefit out of Pulmonary Rehab? Joanna Mowbray NHS Ayrshire & Arran
PC-07 Creating and delivering trauma informed training for forensic examiners working with victims of sexual violence Julie Cumming NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-08 Care Record for End of Life - A realistic medicine approach to supporting compassionate care of the dying in any setting Gerry Finnan NHS Borders
PC-09 Outcomes that matter: an experienced based approach to co-designing improvement priorities Diane Graham Healthcare Improvement Scotland
PC-10 Developing a Vascular Lower Limb Pre-Amputation Therapy Service: A Quality Improvement Journey Mary Duguid NHS Grampian
PC-11 Development of A Planned Investigation Unit (PIU) at University Hospital Monklands Anne Seggie NHS Lanarkshire
PC-12 Enabling Shared Decision Making - Active Clinical Referral Triage (ACRT) and Opt-in Lech Rymaszewski NHS Great Glasgow & Clyde, Orthopaedic Unit, Glasgow Royal Infirmary
PC-13 Enhancing Dementia Post Diagnostic Support through the use of Technology Maureen Cossar NHS Lanarkshire
PC-14 Essentials in Psychological Care – Dementia; Improving Outcomes for People with a diagnosis of dementia, their families and carers Dr Claire Donaghey NHS Education for Scotland
PC-15 Evaluation of promoting carers support and patient engagement through meaningful activities in Ward A11, FVRH Yvonne Cairns NHS Forth Valley
PC-16 Expanding chronic pain services to develop a pain management pathway in NHS Lothian Dr Caroline Cochrane NHS Lothian/ NHS Borders
PC-17 Transforming the Hand Surgery Assessment Pathway in the Western Isles Elizabeth Fowler NHS Western Isles
PC-18 Have you "Asked for Help" Pamela Burns NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
PC-19 MDT Head & Neck Assessment Clinic: Collaborative Working to Deliver Patient Centred Care Louise Wardle NHS Lanarkshire
PC-20 Glasgow City's Riverside Care Home - A local story from Living Well in Communities Shirley Byron NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Primary Care Palliative Care Team
PC-21 Improving COPD care in Midlothian Dr Rebecca Green Midlothian Health & Social Care Partnership
PC-22 Improving health and wellbeing outcomes among high users of emergency departments Claire Henry NHS Lanarkshire
PC-23 Making Measurement Matter in Palliative Care Catriona Grant University of Dundee
PC-24 Joy in work Valerie Nixon NHS Lothian
PC-25 Learning from women and midwives working together to improve antenatal education in NHS Ayrshire & Arran Dan Harley Healthcare Improvement Scotland
PC-26 Life after Stroke - Delivering Rehabilitation at Home Wendy Juner NHS Lothian
PC-27 Linking Primary Care and British Red Cross- A pro-active approach to supporting people with mild frailty in Midlothian Sandra Bagnall Midlothian Health & Social Care Partnership
PC-28 My Diabetes My Way Dr Scott Cunningham University of Dundee
PC-29 Nithsdale in Partnership: A “One Team” Approach to Meeting the 20:20 Vision Emma McRobert Nithsdale Health & Social Care Partnership
PC-30 'Owl' we know what people feel about our service? Eunice Goodwin NHS Ayrshire & Arran
PC-31 Reducing Stress and Distress in Specialist Dementia Units Using Evidence-based Approaches Tom McCarthy Healthcare Improvement Scotland
PC-32 The ReSPECT Process: A Realistic Approach to Anticipatory/Emergency Care Planning Dr Lynsey Fielden NHS Forth Valley
PC-33 Sleep Well, Feel Well, Get Well - Improving Sleep Within Critical Care Shona McKie NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, GRI SHDU
PC-34 Small details mean a great deal: Working with Sands to improve care for bereaved families in The Baird Family Hospital Anna Rist NHS Grampian
PC-35 The emerging role of occupational therapy for adults with ADHD: The impact of a pilot group intervention (SPARKS) upon health-related quality of life Nyla Moran NHS Lothian
PC-36 The use of VR in the preparation of children in the MRI setting Kirstie Still NHS Highland
PC-37 Knee Osteoarthritis – Transformational change in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Service Delivery, A Patient Centred Approach Phil Ackerman NHS Lothian
PC-38 UK's first mobilisation of a patient with femoral intra-aortic baloon pump Natalie Lambie Golden Jubilee Foundation
PC-39 Using stories with pictures to obtain feedback from people with dementia Nicola Wood NHS Forth Valley
PC-40 Video Conference pathway for NHS Shetland patients to receive elective orthopaedic follow up with NHS Grampian Amanda McDermott NHS Shetland
PC-41 'What matters to you?' day 2018 Claire Curtis Healthcare Improvement Scotland
PC-42 #YoungVoices24: Involving young people in the development of health services in Scotland Caroline English NHS 24
Quality of Care: Safe
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
S-01 Nephrotoxin Prescription in Acute Kidney Injury Janey McKane NHS Borders
S-02 An Improvement journey to reduce Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU) in high reporting wards Ruth Ropper NHS Lothian
S-03 Improving Anticipatory Care Planning for Patients with Deteriorating Health Linda Conway NHS Lothian
S-04 'Sim'ply the Best. Bringing in situ simulation to an Acute Assessment Unit Megan Hume NHS Borders
S-05 Changing the culture in ICU - Introduction of a framework for Quality Improvement Stephanie Frearson NHS Ayrshire & Arran
S-06 Understanding Clinical Risk Levels in a Community Hospital Setting John Dennis NHS Ayrshire & Arran
S-07 Creating a Patient Safety Culture: Developing a tool to missed care in Allied Health Professions Joanne Gibson NHS Lanarkshire
S-08 Developing a Ward Team Approach to Antimicrobial Stewardship: Raising The Profile of Oral Antibiotic Review Rachael Rodger NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
S-09 Developing a structured approach to early recognition and management of delirium Carol Wright NHS Highland
S-10 Enabling Safety: Development of a Focused Human Factors and Ergonomics Approach in NHS Lanarkshire Tracey Dunn NHS Lanarkshire
S-11 Building Confidence and Capability in Safer Staffing for Quality of Care Mary Davie Healthcare Improvement Scotland
S-12 Every move I make: contributing to the reduction in stillbirth in Scotland Angela Cunningham Healthcare Improvement Scotland
S-13 From Observation to Intervention in Mental Health: A proactive, responsive and personalised care and treatment framework for acutely unwell people in mental health care Andrea Boyd Healthcare Imporvement Scotland
S-14 Implementation of an Analgesia and Bowel Protocol to Improve Inpatient Care After a Fracture Fariha Naeem NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
S-15 Implementing quality supervision arrangements for Allied Health Professions across Ayrshire & Arran Alistair Reid North Health and Social Care Partnership
S-16 Improving Patient Safety and Valuing Staff Through Real-Time Multi-Disciplinary Simulation Training in Anaesthesia, Theatres and Intensive Care Medicine Kyle Gibson NHS Lothian
S-17 Increasing Hepatitis C Screening at Leith Surgery Dr Dawn Singleton Leith Surgery
S-18 Introducing the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) to promote safe, person-centred care in district nursing practice Evelyn Sillence East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership/NHS Lothian
S-19 Keep Calm and have a Yarn Lawson Bissett NHS Shetland
S-20 Management of Dental Unit Water Lines: Recommendations for practice Heather Wallace Health Protection Scotland
S-21 National Monitoring Framework for Safe and Clean Care Auditing Heather Wallace Health Protection Scotland
S-22 No money, no problem! Quality Improvement with financial constraints Bernie McCulloch Healthcare Improvement Scotland
S-23 Oral Anticoagulants (OACs) in the Preoperative Asssessment Clinic (POAC): Bridging the Gap Deborah Jamieson NHS Shetland
S-24 Radiation dose reduction with digital mammography for breast screening Anne McCurrach National Services Scotland
S-25 Recognise, Response and Record Julia Mackel NHS Lothian
S-26 Recognising, assessing and care planning for those who wander walk Nicola Wood NHS Forth Valley
S-27 Reducing cardiac arrests: How we're improving care for people at risk of deterioration. Wendy Nimmo Health Improvement Scotland
S-28 Reducing the Proportional Delay for Return Patients with Glaucoma Beverley Finch NHS Forth Valley
S-29 Improving Patient Experience Sharon Muir NHS Ayrshire & Arran
S-30 Scottish Guidance for Decontamination and Monitoring of Cardiac Heater Cooler Units Hayley Kane Health Protection Scotland
S-31 Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway – a route to excellence Dr Sabine Nolte NHS Education for Scotland
S-32 Teamwork, communication and collaboration: a co-design approach to developing a national Maternity Early Warning Score (MEWS) Cheryl Clark Healthcare Improvement Scotland
S-33 2222 Debrief - Enabling learning, improving team wellbeing and performance Gillian Biggans NHS Ayrshire & Arran
S-34 Venepuncture and cannulation: Facilitating competence in 4th year medical students Sarah Noble NHS Highland
S-35 What patient assessment skills are required by pharmacists prescribing systemic anti-cancer therapy? A consensus study. Jennifer Allison Jennifer Allison
S-36 Readiness, recognition and response: a national approach to reducing postpartum haemorrhage Cheryl Clark Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Quality of Care: Effective
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
EF-01 A national approach to reducing term admissions to neonatal units Damian Boyd Healthcare Improvement Scotland
EF-02 A novel way to improve the timely administration of Parkinson's medicines in the hospital setting Richard Cottrell NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-03 Alcohol withdrawal Risk Stratification Tool (ART): Redesigning the Care Pathway for Patients at Low Risk of Severe Alcohol Withdrawal George Benson NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-04 An innovative approach to the delivery of patient care within the Knoll Community Hospital Natalie Macdonald NHS Borders
EF-05 Can the lean quality improvement methodology positively transform current care pathways for ophthalmology patients attending a day surgery unit? Angela Dunbar NHS Forth Valley
EF-06 Data Linkage to Reduce Severe Hypoglycaemia Dr Scott Cunningham University of Dundee
EF-07 Demand Optimisation Guidance on Vitamin D, Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Urea and Elctrolyte testing Dr Catherine Mary Colquhoun NHS NSS
EF-08 Dementia Post-diagnostic Support in Primary Care Julie Miller Healthcare Improvement Scotland
EF-09 Developing a sustainable Histopathology service: Expanding the Biomedical Scientist role Emily Ross NHS National Services Scotland
EF-10 Dietetic-led Transformation of Oral Nutritional Supplement (ONS) Supply Carole Nobel NHS Grampian
EF-11 ECaP – Improvement Group Collaborative working to improve acute Chest Pain service in Tayside Jamie Morrison NHS Tayside
EF-12 Effectiveness of Clinical Nurse Specialist & Pharmacist Led Hepaticis C Virus Infections Treatment Pathwayin a Paediatric Setting Vicki Price NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-13 Evaluation of the prescribing decision support system Synonyms in primary care: a mixed method study Lindsay A Robertson NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-14 Exploring new ways of working using 4G technology within a community setting Jane Ritchie NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-15 Formulary Adherence Reporting across GP Clusters Jane Browning NHS Lothian
EF-16 Frailty at the Front Door: A Collaborative Approach Deborah Lynch NHS Forth Valley
EF-17 Galashiels Health Centre Anticipatory Care Plan Project Dr Laura Anderson NHS Borders
EF-18 General Practice Nursing Week of Care Audit 2018 Sarah Murdoch NHS National Services Scotland
EF-19 General Practitioner Week of Care Audit 2018 - (Re)Structuring the Primary Care Team Sarah Murdoch NHS National Services Scotland
EF-20 Getting It Right First Time: the Adult SCRAM (Structured Critical Airway Management) System Marianne Murphy SHIL
EF-21 How nurses and psychologists can work together to improve outcomes Dr Simon Stuart NHS Lanarkshire
EF-22 Shared Governance Councils: Empowering Staff to have Collective Ownership to Improve Practice Louise Wilson NHS Grampian
EF-23 Immunotherapy for Malignant Melanoma: Single Institution Experience Catriona Hoare NHS Highland
EF-24 Implementation of a New Treatment for Skin Cancer using HDR Brachytherapy David Carnegie NHS Grampian
EF-25 Improved Productivity and Traceability with a Person Centred Approach Debbie McNaughton NSS SNBTS
EF-26 Improving Bladder and Bowel Assessment to Reduce Delayed Discharge Anne Sanderson NHS Lothian
EF-27 Improving Observation Practice in W10 Woodland View Gordon Hay NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-28 ELLSA@QEUH: Improving Patient Outcomes After Emergency Abdominal Surgery Dr Clare Bridgestock NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-29 Improving the access to Women’s Health Physiotherapy in Pregnancy Jennifer Clydesdale NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-30 Improving the care of short stay patients in a District General Hospital using structural and process redesign. Ruth Coyne NHS Highland
EF-31 Increasing patient activity on a stroke unit: Something for Everyone Fiona Johnson NHS Lothian
EF-32 Integration of Community Pharmacist Independent Prescriber to EMIS GP Record Allan Thomas NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-33 Is an Evidence based Rehab Falls Class Effective in Improving Balance and Confidence in Older Adults? Beverly Harrison NHS Fife
EF-34 KIDS: A digital health tool empowering children and those closest to them to self-manage their health and wellbeing needs. Jennie McLaren NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
EF-35 Lessons learnt and outcomes delivered from participation in Parkinson´s UK physiotherapy audits Janet Thomas NHS Fife
EF-36 Lets #GetConnected! Andrea Macdonald NHS Lothian
EF-37 Life After Stroke - Improving Access To Chest Heart Stroke Scotland Debbie Heaney Chest Heart Stroke Scotland
EF-38 May The Fluoride Be With You! Carrie Phillips NHS Tayside
EF-39 North Ayrshire Named Person Service Joanne Inglis North Ayrshire HSCP
EF-40 OPAT Nurse SSTI Ward Rounds in Acute Receiving Units Liz Collison NHS GGC
EF-41 Pan Ayshire Development of New Service Fast Tracking Frail Elderly with Minor Injuries by Emergency Department Working in Partnership with Care Homes Wendy Kenmuir Ayrshire and Arran NHS Trust
EF-42 Pan-Ayrshire Enhanced Intermediate Care and Rehabilitation Services Annie Robertson North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
EF-43 Progressing enhanced recovery within Orthoapedics Therese Rolwich Golden Jubilee Foundation
EF-44 Providing a Safe and Positive Experience for Women Undergoing Induction of Labour Anne Mackinnon NHS Fife
EF-45 Quality Improvement, laboratory data & collaboration with requesters: small changes with big impacts in the ED setting. Dr Christopher Pitt NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-46 Rehabilitation for the management of Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain (RCRSP) Matthew Richardson NHS Ayrshire & Arran
EF-48 The clinical effectiveness of the transformed primary care psychological therapies service in Aberdeen City Dr Kate Morton NHS Grampian
EF-49 The development, commissioning and aims of the Haematology and Transfusion Scotland (HaTS) National Managed Diagnostic Network Dr Catherine Mary Colquhoun NHS NSS
EF-50 The impact of training Occupational Therapy staff to implement Behavioural Activation for Depresssion Anne Joice NHS Education for Scotland
EF-51 The Patient Transfer Scale - An innovative solution for weighing immobile patients Sheena MacCormick SHIL
EF-52 The Right Person at the Right Time: Introducing the Rehabilitation Support Worker to a Specialist Palliative Care Setting Una Conlon St. Andrew's Hospice
EF-53 The Use of Real-time Teleophthalmology in the Emergency Department Dr Olyvia Poyser NHS Forth Valley
EF-54 Transforming the Care Pathway for Patients with Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in Grampian Pauline Dundas NHS Grampian
EF-55 Transforming the Landscape of Nutritional Product Prescribing in the Highlands Evelyn Newman RD NHS Highland
EF-56 Transforming Urgent Care: Examples of Improvement from OOG Multidisciplinary & Collaborative Working Dr Ross Stewart NHS Borders
EF-57 TSH3030 – working together across The State Hospital to improve outcomes through a 30 day Quality Improvement (QI) initiative Monica Merson The State Hosptial
EF-58 Videofluoroscopy: Collaborative working with improved outcomes Dympna McAteer NHS Grampian
EF-59 Views of Care at End of Life: Delivering end of life care now and improving for the future Patricia O'Gorman NHSGGC
EF-60 Visibility – Supporting low vision clinics Eilidh Farquhar NHS - GGC
EF-61 Working together to support early intervention and prevention Jacquie Kerr NHS Ayrshire & Arran
Quality of Care: Infrastructure
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
IF-01 An Integrated approach to implementing nutrition training for care home staff within East Ayrshire HSCP Gillian Haughey NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IF-02 Ayrshire Diabetes Patient Conference - More than Medicine Diane Smith NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IF-03 Can I Go Home Yet?: A point prevalence study of hospital patients to identify what it would take to get them home Phillip Lunts NHS Borders
IF-04 CARDRISS: Congenital Anomalies and Rare Diseases Registration and Information Service for Scotland Rosie Keenan NHS National Services Scotland
IF-05 Transforming Care After Treatment for Cancer with R.O.P.E – Recovery Orientated Practice and Emphasis Lucy Johnston Edinburgh Napier University
IF-06 Collective Leadership of all, by all and for all in Tayside Nicola Richardson NHS Tayside
IF-07 Community based interventions for people with frailty – an evidence bundle to inform commissioning Sharon Wiener-Ogilvie Healthcare Improvement Scotland
IF-08 Developing an NHS Research Scotland international outreach programme Stephen Kelly, PhD NHS Research Scotland
IF-09 Developing the Mental Health Occupational Therapy Service to Forth Valley Prisons. Katrina Barclay NHS Forth Valley
IF-11 Evaluation of a Model of Occupational Therapy in Primary Care: a LOT to offer Lisa Greer NHS Lanarkshire
IF-12 Learning from Excellence in a paediatric healthcare setting Mahrukh Mirza University of Aberdeen, University Hospital Crosshouse
IF-13 Improving equity of access to multidisciplinary polypharmacy review for frail, elderly, housebound patients Karen Reid NHS Lothian
IF-14 Pharmacists in GP Practice Fiona Reid NHS Education for Scotland
IF-15 Public Protection Communication & Collaboration - Ensuring the well-being, welfare and protection of vulnerable individuals contacting a telehealth service Paula Shiels NHS 24
IF-16 Scaling up a proactive approach to frailty identification: the electronic frailty index Nathan Devereux Healthcare Improvement Scotland
IF-17 The Pharmacy Profession - Competence to Confidence Jill Cruickshannk NHS Lothian
IF-18 Transformation of an Urgent Care Service Dr Calum Leask Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership
IF-19 Improving Cancer Care in Primary Care Paul Baughan Macmillan Cancer Support
IF-20 Improving access to pain medication review for patients with musculoskeletal conditions in West Lothian Karen Outram NHS Lothian
IF-21 Working together to Improve Literacy Outcomes Ruth MacRae NHS Lothian
Health of the Population
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
HP-01 AHPs on the road with Centrestage Grier McGhee NHS Ayrshire & Arran
HP-02 Child Poverty: Optimising uptake of money advice and income among families with children 0-5 years. Sandra MacInnes South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership
HP-03 Collaborating with Third Sector Partners to Develop Community Cooking Skills (CCS) Courses in Orkney Lavinia Sinclair NHS Orkney
HP-04 Communication for Life Caroline Turtle NHS Ayrshire & Arran
HP-05 Death Certification – getting it right Peter Wiggins Healthcare Improvement Scotland
HP-06 Developing Suicide Prevention Training in Partnership Jessica Jones NHS Orkney
HP-07 Enabling Parents to Reduce Children's Exposure to Second-hand Smoke in West Dunbartonshire: Air quality - a tool for change Ailsa King West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership
HP-08 Family Education Session Pilot Lesley Taylor NHS Ayrshire & Arran
HP-09 Family Nurse Partnership: Breastfeeding Initiaion Amy Piper Family Nurse Partnership
HP-10 GP Practice/Cluster Profiles Charmaine Walker ISD Scotland, NHS NSS
HP-11 Impact of the National Breastfeeding Helpline in Scotland Felicity Lambert The Breastfeeding Network
HP-12 Improving Education on the safe use of Medicines in Breastfeeding for FY1 Doctors Gayle Anderson NHS Grampian
HP-13 Improving health and reducing inequalities through the delivery of a Better Health model Nicola Tomkinson NHS Ayrshire & Arran
HP-14 Improving Physical Health in People with Severe Mental Illness: Testing an educational approach in NHSGGC Mental Health Services Annie Ruddy NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
HP-15 Integrating physical activity initiatives and mental health care in primary care Dr Eimear Crowe NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
HP-16 Interactive GP cluster and HSCP projects maps Petros Gousias NHS National Services Scotland
HP-17 One team, one dream. Working in partnership with clubs, players and PFA Scotland to tackle mental health in football Tony McLaren NHS 24
HP-18 Pilot Project of an Out of Hours Option for Breast Screening Appointments Helen Reith North of Scotland Breast Screening Service
HP-19 Transformational change in: Providing HIV Antiretrovirals (ARVs) via community pharmicies alongside Opiate Replacement Therapy (ORT) during a HIV outbreak amongst People Who Inject Drugs (WSIDs) Regina O'Hara NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
HP-20 Resilience on the Road: Supporting Lone Workers in the Transport Industry Caroline Hartley NHS Grampian
HP-21 Service Evaluation of the Fetal Alcohol Assessment & Support Team (FAAST) Dr Jennifer Shields NHS Ayrshire & Arran
HP-22 Setting up a Community Physiotherapy Rehab Group for Patients with a Neurological Condition Vivienne Hutchings NHS Highland
HP-23 The MAP of Health Behaviour Change Training Programme: Navigating the route to making healthier choices and improved health outcomes. Michelle Clark NHS Education for Scotland
HP-24 Training Together Across Specialities: Adapting an Adult Mental Health CBT Training Programme for Older Peoples, Substance Misuse and Forensic Services Dr Richard Cosway NHS Education for Scotland
HP-25 Universal Health Visiting Pathway and Tobacco Control Service Collaboration, Reducing Exposure to Second Hand Smoke in Infants Vivian Boxall South Lanarkshire Council Community Planning Partnership
HP-26 Working with children and young people to increase awareness and knowledge about breastfeeding and early nutrition Sarah Edwards The Breastfeeding Network
HP-27 Workplace Wellness : Engaging with adults with learning disabilities to improve health and wellbeing at work Julie Phillips NHS Grampian
HP-28 Your Story, Their Time, Everyone's Wellbeing Alan Gibbon NHS Tayside
Value and Sustainability
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
VS-01 A Best in Class Approach to Hip and Knee Arthritis Lesley Middlemiss NHS Forth Valley
VS-02 Improve costs, patient care and quality using data Gareth Fitzgerald NHS Lothian
VS-03 Achieving Excellence Quality Improvement Programmes (aEQUIP) Caroline Brown NHS Lanarkshire
VS-04 AHP Team Development Journey, The State Hospital Sarah Innes The State Hospital
VS-05 Building QI Capacity & Capability through QI Coaching Julia Mackel NHS Lothian
VS-06 Care Home Support Model in Clackmannanshire Pat Harker NHS Forth Valley
VS-07 Community Dispensing of Oral Medication for Prostate Cancer Patients Gillian Barmack NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre
VS-08 Controlling The Flow Gillian Evans NHS Lanarkshire
VS-09 Digital Platform Supporting Recruitment and Retention of General Practitioners in Rural Scotland Ralph Roberts NHS Borders
VS-10 Driving Improvement in Healthcare Associated Infection Practices Through Visualisation of Enhanced Surveillance Data on NSS Discovery Elaine Glass Health Protection Scotland - NHS National Services Scotland
VS-11 Implementing Therapy Information Sessions - Managing Family Expectations and Maximixing Engagement Katrina Walker NHS Ayrshire & Arran
VS-12 Image Evaluation / Clinical Reporting: the role and responsibilities of the advanced practitioner Angela Neill NHS Borders
VS-13 NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs Series Robert Rea SHIL
VS-15 One Stop Shoulder Clinic: Colaborative working to provide gold standard cost effective patient care Gemma Taylor NHS Ayrshire & Arran
VS-16 Quality Improvement methodology : An important tool for the Occupational Therapy tool box. Isla Muir NHS Lothian
VS-17 The Bureau Pilot Initiative: Redesigning Recruitment and Retention for Medical Professionals in Rural Scotland Ralph Roberts NHS Borders
VS-18 Reducing Documents sent to GP's as part of the Practice Administrative Staff Collaborative (PASC) Claire Mavin Healthcare Improvement Scotland
VS-19 Review of Occupational Therapy equipment provision for patients receiving knee replacements Ingrid Sandison NHS Shetland
VS-20 Safe and Efficient Prescribing of Modified Release Methylphenidate Graeme Sutherland NHS Borders
VS-21 Shifting the Balance of Care: The Establishment of a Primary Care Specialist-Led Oral Surgery Service Nicola Cross NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
VS-22 Managing on-the -day demand in Primary Care Dr Laura Ryan NHS 24
VS-23 The ‘intelligent Liver Function Test’ (iLFT): a cost-effective way to improve quality of care Dr Jennifer Nobes NHS Tayside
VS-24 The NHS Grampian Active Allergy Programme: A Digitally-Enabled Paediatric Dietetic Service for Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy Lydia Collins-Hussey Oviva UK Ltd
VS-25 NHS Lothian Integrated Musculoskeletal Services and Pathways Programme Phil Ackerman NHS Lothian
VS-26 Value Management Programme- A Team approach to cotinuous improvement Karen Kendall NHS Tayside
VS-27 Workflow Optimisation - Utlising the skills of Admin Staff to support Improvements in Primary Care Bryony Murray NHS Forth Valley
VS-28 Working together to create a sustainable Dermatology service in an island setting Christina Bichan NHS Orkney
Integrated Care
Poster number Title Main author Organisation
IC-01 Care at Home Pharmacy Technician Service: Working in Partnership Alexandra McMillan NHS Ayrshire & Arran
IC-02 NHS Dumfries & Galloway Pilot Project to Scale up HCV treatment. Marie Murphy NHS Dumfries & Galloway
IC-03 Implementation of a Care Bundle in Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Ryan Walsh NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
IC-04 Working Together to Engage Vulnerable Women: Dundee Women's Aid ASPEN Project Dr Kate Duncan Dundee Women's Aid / Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership
IC-05 Development Toolkit for Health & Social Care Teams - a practical resource for team leaders Kris Aitken NHS Lothian
IC-06 Hands Off and Here We Go! Emma Reid NHS Dumfries & Galloway
IC-07 Collaborative Working to promote recovery from addictions; Implementation of peer support within an Alcohol Liaison Nurse Service Carol McDougall NHS Grampian
IC-08 Smoke Free Prisons – co-production of a service specification supporting people in our care, improving health outcomes Debbie Sigerson NHS Health Scotland
IC-09 Foundations in palliative care: A programme of facilitated learning for care home staff and home carers Suzanne Nimmo Macmillan Cancer Support
IC-10 Developing the Angus Care Model Sally Wilson Angus Health and Social Care Partnership
IC-11 Evaluation of Inter-Professional Education (IPE) through “Evening On-call" Mr Peter Hamilton NHS Education for Scotland
IC-12 Midlothian Wellbeing Service: integrated approach provides better outcomes for Midlothian people and Primary Care Mairi Simpson Midlothian Health & Social Care Partnership
IC-13 Staff Wellbeing in the Emergency Department Dr. Gareth Lipton NHS Forth Valley
IC-14 Developing an Occupational Therapy Clinic within a GP Practice Connie Murray NHS Ayrshire and Arran
IC-15 The use of Wordle to enhance junior doctor engagement in the shaping of the training environment at local level. Ruari Jardine NHS Tayside
IC-16 The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health in Scotland Emma Doyle NHS Health Scotland